Building the Kingdom of Mother Afrika

The purpose of this lesson is to teach us ways to use our time, talents, and possessions to help build the kingdom of Afrika

Everyone Is Blessed with Time, Talents, and Possessions

‘Eliyah X will serve at great sacrifice to his family, for his spouse and he is the means of the family support. He has but one possession— his retirement—which he is willing to sacrifice 40%, if necessary, to help finance the building of a new kingdom, our kingdom, the kingdom of Agreeable beings.’‘

We are looking to build an Afrikan Village in the Sierra Vista area.

With Us Lifting Us, we now have an exact method for building systems and institutions for economic self-determination, locally and globally. “We either take control of the economics of our own community or forever be at the mercy of others.”

Q&KOA represents the leading edge of a new and exciting movement to integrate large-scale cooperatively owned business enterprises into the economic landscape of Black communities. This strategic innovation is vitally necessary and has proven to be effective in other communities globally.



Q&KOA is an acronym for Us Ruling our own Nation, a global economic empowerment organization designed to change the way we do business with and among ourselves and with others. Our primary objective is to put in place a federation of successful Group Owned businesses that give us the capacity to gain significant control of the economics of our communities and nations, and to help free us from the current state of economic domination and exploitation by multiple forces in the world.


To be the preferred and premier global economic cooperative community for people of African Ancestry.


To build an Afrikan Village and sustain a legacy of global cooperative business institutions for the economic sovereignty of People of African Ancestry .


As members and owners, we pool our resources; both human and material.

What We Do With Resources:

We use our collective resources to intervene in the economic life of our communities by building and maintaining Group Owned Enterprises that provide needed goods and services, create jobs and produce a surplus.

What We Do With The Surplus:

After reinvestment, we do two (2) things with surplus gained from Co-op business activity:
Provide Charity/Endowments to causes we care about, especially concerning our youth.
Provide a benefit to qualified workers and members.

How We Grow:

We reinvest a large percentage of net surpluses for growth and stability. Our vision is large-scale and intergenerational.

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