Homemade Baby Formula Recipe 

Why do we use breast milk to make infant formula? “The standard by which we develop infant formula is breast milk. We’ve come to understand breast milk better and better,” over the last 60 years, Dr Abrams said. “If they’re not breastfeeding, has got to have all the nutrients in there”. by Sarah Pope /Continue reading “Homemade Baby Formula Recipe “


emocracynow.org – Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, activist and Presbyterian minister Chris Hedges, whose latest book is “Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle,” spoke Saturday at New York’s “Rise Up October” rally and march to end police violence. In his address, Hedges spoke about the effects that police violence and massContinue reading “THE PART OF HISTORY YOU’VE ALWAYS SKIPPED!”

Each of Us Can Help Build the Kingdom of Afrika

Each member of the African Nation has something to offer in building the kingdom of Afrika. The best places to do this are in our own homes, in our own Communities, and in our own Cities. Help Afrikaans understand that in serving Mother Afrika it is not where we serve but how. Being actively engaged in the work ofContinue reading “Each of Us Can Help Build the Kingdom of Afrika”

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