Nibiru: Planet X?

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NASA has confirmed what ancient civilizations warned about thousands of years ago.  It was reported in major news outlets around the world for several years.

Nibiru, or as it is translated “planet of the crossing” may be a heavy mass object (HMO) in addition to a dark star that is part of our own solar system. The terms Planet X, Nibiru, etc are often used to mean the same thing, but in fact are more likely separate HMOs that could include comets and other debris. Evidence is mounting that the system is indeed a dark star with it’s own orbiting planetary bodies.

All of the hype that happened in 2012 has muddied the waters of what these ancient societies were actually writing about.  Their calculations indicate that this HMO would enter our near solar system around 2012, it swings past the sun and is sent out in a sling-shot fashion to deep space once again after that.

In one of the first reports, the HMO was measured at 50 billion miles from the sun.  Less than a decade later, NASA gave the following update.  Notice the distance of 7 Billion miles.  This report is 20 years old.

Unexplained deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune point to a large outer solar system body of 4 to 8 Earth masses, on a highly tilted orbit, beyond 7 billion miles from the sun – NASA Press Release

What is the distance of this HMO from the sun?  Too close!   What is disturbing is that after all the reporting, which showed up in news conferences and newspapers all over the world for years… has virtually vanished.   NASA stopped discussing the HMO completely.

However, the data continues to be gathered from the scientific community and astronomers from every corner of the globe.  Unfortunately, with all of the hype on the Internet, it is very difficult to sift out the truth from the lies.

The 10th Planet, called ‘X’, reflecting the Roman numeral for the number 10, moves in a an approx 3,600 years elliptical orbit around our sun.  Planet X is 4 to 8 times the size of earth and 100 times as dense.  The mass of Planet X, like the earth’s moon, would cause massive tide fluctuations as it nears the earth when whipping around the Sun, it is also speculated that the magnetic pull of Planet X will cause the earth’s magnetic poles to shift. It will also case huge solar flares as it nears the sun.  Solar flares take out satellites and their intensity could burn up much of the vegetation on the earth and cause devastating storms and flooding while activating many volcanoes.

Disturbing Past Evidence

For the purposes here at TTB, we want to cover this topic in light of the coming deception.  Since our goal is to back up these facts with the Biblical texts, this topic thread is extremely important to your overall understanding on what is coming in the near future.

The ancient Sumerians recorded a fly-by of this HMO in their day.   Unfortunately, that is where things got pretty creepy.  They credit their knowledge of building, astronomy, science, navigation, mathematics etc to “star people” who made the short trip over from this HMO to become the “kings” and “mighty men” that were worshipped (or “served” by humans turned into slaves).

We now know that this was actually part of the fallen angelic and the nephilim they produced.   Indeed they had incredible knowledge… of things past and things future.  Not because they were extraterrestrial… but because they were interdimensional.  In other words, they obtained knowledge through the fallen angels.

Nothing New Under the Sun

What goes around, comes around.  That may prove to be an understatement.  What is very interesting to me, is that the orbit of this object is approximately 3400-3600 years.  If we look at the Biblical texts, we find something very interesting!

God initially created “the heavens and the earth” and it was good, according to the word of God.  Indeed, it was VERY good.  Man was in a state of Eden with full access to his Heavenly Father in a utopia that cannot be imagined.   I believe in the “gap theory” between Genesis 1 & 2…

God created the heavens and the earth (and it was really good).  THEN, the earth “became void and without form”.  We know that the Lord doe not use magic to complete his creation.  He spoke creation into being, and He uses his creation to accomplish His plans.  He uses nature, and the heavens, etc.

If he used the catastrophic affects of a “Planet X” to cause massive disruption to the earth via gravitational forces, resulting solar flares, a potential pole shift, etc.  This could have rendered the earth void and without its original form.

What is very interesting to me, is that if we go back one “orbit cycle” of Planet X… we just happen to land on the time period known as the Exodus in the bible.  At this time, there were plagues on the land of Egypt.  Crop failures, heat, solar anomalies, a spreading of the waters for the Jews to pass through in advance of Pharaoh’s army, etc etc.   All events that could have happened as God “coordinated” the fly by of this HMO through our solar system.

But, let’s take it back another “orbit cycle” of time… another 3400-3600 years.  We just happen to land on the period of time known as the “deluge”.  Noah’s flood!  At this time, the fountains of the deep were torn apart.  The protective ozone canopy was breached allowing the outpouring of water and a flood that covered the entire earth.

What did THEY know that we don’t seem to get?

For those of us bible believing Christians who feel we are approaching the end of the age, we are anticipating the return of the Messiah.  That brings with it, all of the events quoted in scripture that are commonly referred to as the “tribulation” or “end days”.   Once again, I believe the Lord God will use his creation to accomplish his goals.

When you look at what these ancient civilizations were trying to tell us… if you look at the warning behind the Mayan calendar date of Dec 21 2012… if you look at all of the astronomical evidence these ancient people were trying to show us… We were being told of a time of change… a time of a return of the things of old.

Is there indeed a HMO coming our way that may contribute to the end times catastrophic events foretold in the Bible?
We will find out soon enough.

These dates and events ALL coincide with the next orbital cycle of Planet X between 2014-2020.  Follow the “Catastrophe” topic series and the “Planet X/Nibiru” Blog posts to learn more… and to prepare for the deception that is coming.

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