A Strong Black Man

A strong black man can’t be replaced by no other.
Truly a man bred by his God his mother,
and Inbred by his God his father.

Taught to stand on the strength of his beliefs,
not to be debriefed by another’s disbelief.
Trust in his moral standards,
not to rely on double standards.

A strong black man teaches his flock that each one
teach one-reach one;
never to beseech anyone.
Preaching the truth is our proof
of a strong black man.

Beside every strong black man;
there is a strong black woman.
She’s his guiding light.
It’s his God (Supreme Being) given right to treat her right;
to preserve his family, in the utmost respect in Love’s light.

She will carry the torch for her strong black man,
standing along side him during all kinds of demands;
on his manhood as a father, brother, son, uncle, nephew.

A strong black man’s life revolves around the upholding of
his land, as he plans the future of his clan; climbing that
ladder set by Love to test his resolve, to stay involved
to handle all trials and tribulations of Love’s plan.

A strong black man has to live life humble to receive
his blessings; from the most prestigious entity of all.
After all he is the one that created woman from a man’s
rib, she is the sustainer of all your falls.

She’ll pick you up when you can’t stand tall;
helping you stay a strong black man that,
might need a helping hand from the woman
overall; She chose you to be apart of her life as she
stands by your side, after all she is your wife.

A strong black man takes the reins of his life to provide,
the stability to get thru life preventing any pitfalls.
A strong black man always stands tall, overall; he is the
driving force that our women and children has appointed,
husband & father to take a stand on his glorious land.

I must reminds us that we can still fall from grace (the grace of our spouse and children) once we stand tall; as we humble ourselves to our Queen and Tribe to not
fall with disgrace; live life with a humble grace.
A strong black man has taken care of his clan following
the ALL’s master plan.

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