Volunteering with our organization can be an enormously fulfilling experience as you help improve the world around you to make things better, healthier and safer for all.

We welcome help from all responsible people of good Character.  There are many things you can do, but our most popular volunteer program is centered around our Cooperative our own Afrika Village and the education program for our youth.  This program brings about an understanding that one’s own survival is interwoven with and dependent upon the health and survival of those life forms and things around one. Most importantly, that to live well, one must actively enhance the world around you and, by so doing, it strengthens your own potential for living a long and healthy life.

Are you interested in helping us with any of the following?

1) Helping children read and apply our Afrikan History booklets in their life? And/or giving workshops to kids in schools?

2) Helping to put on fun and educational events based on the Afrikan concept?

3) On-line research

4) Writing press releases and articles and getting them placed in magazines, newspapers, on-line blogs, etc.?

5) Writing pamphlets about the Afrikan concept as it applies in different industries?

6) Fundraising?

7) Grant writing?

8) Social Media? Internet Marketing?

9) Making calls to TV stations to get our PSAs aired?

10) Graphic Design?

11) Promotion of our Afrikan Village and educational programs?

12) Getting out our publications to key leaders in their field?

13) Manning a booth?

14) Exec assistant – administrative backup?

15) Managing and coordinating volunteers?

16) Database management?

Come Join Our Team and Enjoy the Pride of Working with a Group That Is Truly Making a Difference!

Are you in or just graduated from college?  You may be eligible to become a volunteer intern with Q&KOA. You’ll gain valuable experience and skills to enhance your resume for future employment with other companies.  Send your resume to business@africanpeopleoflove.org and ask for an internship application form.

Help us get the word out through social media marketing.  Want to help forward our campaigns by using your social media skills to forward our messages through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.?  Send an email to business@africanpeopleoflove.org and let us know how you feel you could help.

Help fundraisers for our campaigns.  If you have fundraising skills and/or would like to put on a fundraising event for us, send your resume to business@africanpeopleoflove.org and let us know what you’d like to do.

Do you have other skills you’d like to use to support our campaigns?  Send your ideas to business@africanpeopleoflove.org and let us know what you’d like to do.  As just one example, we need volunteer executives who would be good at directing and coordinating the activities of other volunteers.

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