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All Membership with the Queens and Kings of Afrika is $10 each Month.   

The Collective Black  People Movement (QKA) Membership Application

JOIN THE PARTY OF THE Queens & Kings of Afrika RUF!

The Queens & Kings of Afrika (QKA) is on a mission to free Our Mother Africa and the Children of Afrika, but we cannot achieve this without YOU. As a member of the QKA, you will help us end white power and usher in a new era of Black Power.

By becoming a member of the QKA you will get the opportunity to participate in local and national struggles against colonialism and parasitic capitalism. You will also receive regular updates from our Party about our revolutionary events, campaigns and how you can get involved. Be the change you want to see. Join the QKA!

Volunteer As A Mentor and Help the Queens & Kings of Afrika with Only 1 Hour Of Your time

Small businesses are everywhere, and you could help them grow by sharing your business knowledge.

Grand Rapids, MI, Sierra Vista, AZ, Chicago, Ill -Jackson Mississippi – Choose where and who you want to help

Simply sign up for free, highlight your skills, and connect with an entrepreneur of the Queens & Kings of Afrika.

How much time you invest, and how many entrepreneurs you help is entirely up to you.

Take the next step in your career and make the world better by becoming a mentor today.

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