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All Membership with the Queens and Kings of Afrika is 50 Cents each day…   

The Collective Black  People Movement (QAKOA) Membership Application

Queens & Kings of Afrika Movement Membership Application Please complete the following information. When completed, send to: business@africanpeopleoflove.org 1. Name: _____________________ , _______________________ , ___________________ first last nickname male female 2. Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________________ street number street apartment number _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ City state zip Country 3. Phone Number: ______________________________________ / ______________________________ Cell Home 4. Email Address: ______________________________Web Site: _______________________________ 5. Birthday: __________________________________ Place of Birth: ____________________________ Month/Date/Year City/Country 6. How did you hear about the Queens & Kings of Afrika Movement? _______________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. What special skills do you have that can benefit our people? __________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Education: List your High School, Trade School. College, University, and Military Experience Below along with the location and the subject(s) studied. Name of School (H.S., Trade, College, Univ.) City & State Years Subject Studied Attended 9. Work Experience: List the areas of work that you are capable of doing for your people: a. ______________________ b._______________________ c. ______________________ 10. Do you have a Business? Yes/no. If yes, list it (them) below, so that we can advertise your business to the members of the QAKOA. Please submit a business card and/or Flyer with application. Name Type Location Address City State 11. Type of Membership: a. Circle the type of Membership you are interested in with the Queens & Kings of Afrika Movement. b. Circle how you would like to pay your membership (by the day, week, month, etc.) 12 a. Circle the areas of the Skills, Talents, and Intelligence that you would like to be involved with the QAKOA. b. Put a Star next to the departments you would like to be a coordinator for the QAKOA. All Departments Elder Council Physical Fitness Activist/Rallies/Letter Writing Emergency Preparedness Political Administration Employment Promotions Arts & Crafts Engineering Reggae Artist/Graphic Design Farming/Produce Reparations Automotive Filming & Recording Repatriations Brothers Union Fundraising Research Business Operations Health & Nutrition Safety Child Care Hip Hop Sister Union Collective Record Company History Special Events Computers Housing & Shelter Spirituality Construction Incarceration Sports Correspondence Insurance Technology Culture Law Transportation Dance/Theatre Media United Front Dating/Relationship Medical Youths Union Documentation Membership Other: ______________ Education Operations/Management Other: ______________ 13. As a member of the Queens & Kings of Afrika Movement, I will be righteous in all dealings with the members of the Queens & Kings of Afrika Movement and our people. __________________________ ____________________________ ________________ Print Name Signature date ———————————————————————————————————————————————– Please keep a record of your QAKOA membership due contributions. # of People Day Week Month 3 Months 6 Months Year Individual — 27 Cents $1.89 $8.10 $24.30 $48.60 $97.20 Student — 27 Cents $1.89 $8.10 $24.30 $48.60 $97.20 Elder — 27 Cents $1.89 $8.10 $24.30 $48.60

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