Grand Rapids NEEDS security patrol officers from the local organization with a constant presence on foot (or bikes) EVERY Friday and Saturday night downtown from the hours of 9pm – 3am.

A group of 4-6 that walks up Ionia street from Fulton to Cherry, and back down Commerce Street, in a loop.

A group of 4- 6 that that patrols by Van Andel at Fulton & Ottawa, Cuts down Weston, Goes down Cesar Chavez to Cherry, and back.

A group of 4-6 that has a presence on Pearl & Monroe, goes up Pearl to Ottawa, comes around, and back down Monroe.

Their purpose is to be a PRESENCE and there to assist the public night life.. not to harass people, question people.. but to literally SERVE and PROTECT (in case emergencies do happen)

This will drastically reduce all the shootings and random violence that has spiked dramatically in ALL of downtown areas recently. This is what bigger cities do! Grand Rapids is transforming in size and popularity, it’s time! How many more lives need to be lost/threatened for ACTION to be taken..!? We need proactive measures, not reactive ones!

From a citizen of Grand Rapids.

Avery stacks Jackson

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