Queens & Kings Seeking Members

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We Are Here, founded by Dee and Eliyah X. in 2010, the Queens & Kings of Afrika is a partnership of organizations working together to end poverty, oppression and homelessness.

With multiple branches throughout the nation, The Queens & Kings of Afrika works to unite and amplify the voices of black women & black men through mentorship.

The Queens & Kings of Afrika uses programs, research and advocacy to advance civil rights for people of color.

The Queens & Kings offers resources like employment assistance and housing referrals for black women experiencing poverty, homelessness and incarceration.

Our Queens & Kings of Afrika, based organization catering to the extremely underserved youth of color.

Queens & Kings of Afrika is looking to start a training program that aims to equip black leaders with the skills needed to place themselves at the forefront of movements for social justice.

Our Queens of Afrika is looking to start a based organization of Sister Love which will commit itself to educating women of color about reproductive health, safe sex and HIV/AIDS. and to center its mission on empowering black women and girls in the criminal justice system.

Queens of Afrika is on a mission to increase the number of black & brown women, women who have children and want to take a stand with other Black & Brown Women for the wellbeing of their children.

If you would like to join or would like more information, contact us @ business@africanpeopleoflove.org, please put membership in the subject line.

If you’re looking to organize against the current, unstable political atmosphere we are a active organizations always looking for leaders who are willing to donate their skills. For we are a NON – PROFIT organization. Everything that comes in goes out to benefit the Movement and the building of our Unification.

Our vision is to have our OWN KINGDOM a Kingdom of Righteous, therefore you must be one who has or one who is striving for a righteous character. For our Movement is not for the weak, only for the Strong.

Contact us @ business@africanpeopleoflove.org Let us know you are ready to Unite with your people. Join the Queens and Kings of Afrika.

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