Black Power Summit 2021

A unified coalition of African Liberation-Renaissance organizations with a focus on the defense of the Black Afrikan Nation within the United States and the development of survival programs/unified plans of action that will wake up, stand up and prepare the Nation for the eventual exodus to its home continent of Afrika, in the spirit of a reimagined and modernized legacy of Marcus Garvey’s UNIA Pan-Afrikan organization. Our liberation from the increasing threat of White Supremacist Pathology and Ideology must come so that we can usher in the Afrikan Renaissance both here, in our Afrikan heartlands, and abroad.  This coalition will represent material unity of will toward the common goal of raising Black Afrikan revolutionary consciousness to a level that facilitates motivating the Black Nation to actively participate in their liberation in larger numbers. It is recognized that no single organization or leader has all the answers and that we all must work together to accomplish the gargantuan, multi-generational task of securing freedom for All Afrikans on the planet!!

Excerpt from “What Must Be Done” – Black Warrior Scholar team of Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro and Yahra Aaneb, Seba 2021.  “LIttle by little, set about building an organized, prepared, mobile, morally pure, intellectually sound, practically driven, self-disciplined, hard driving, Black female/male-led, family oriented, young/old, working class centered organization which has to impose its will on mass movements to break with this enslavement and strike out on our own to build. Always develop the struggle as part of the international renaissance Black working class, always viewing the renaissance as part of the world renaissance. Developing Black organizations of a new type in one country in the service of the Black world renaissance. Culminate and lay the Basis to Move, renunify with Africa; Give life to fulfilling this great work of Marcus Garvey. Set about the renaissance stealthily. The only thing that should interest us is the Black renaissance in our lifetime. On a day to day basis, local teams must be self-sustaining and self-correcting. The chain of command must be standardized. The only thing that interests us is the redemption, resurrection, and renaissance of the Black population and civilization within this lifetime!!”

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Telecommunications and Network Infrastructure Supporting the Black African Liberation Renaissance Coalition. It should be the focus of those coalition ministers and members (i.e. Communications/Media, Information, Intelligence, Secretaries and Assistants both locally, regionally and nationally), to create and maintain the secure virtual team infrastructure needed for 24/7 communications amongst the entire cadre. Different from the age of the Original Black Panthers, we are in a new epoch dominated by computer technology. A coalition team should be formed to setup and maintain this infrastructure, such as online collaboration-calendar platforms tracking coalition operations, secure communications hardware and software, secure cloud infrastructure, social media platform management, etc. We should leverage the considerable talent the Black Nation has in these areas as well, developers/coders, network engineers, computer hardware engineers, cybersecurity experts, Cloud infrastructure specialists, etc. Gone should be the days the FBI can come into Chicago, Illinois Fred Hampton’s local chapter and steal phone books and personnel lists and valuable cadre information.

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Viewed as an attack on the Black Afrikan Nations God given right to armed self-defense, what do members of the Black Afrikan Liberation-Renaissance Coalition believe are some practical solutions a Black Armed Defense Force wing of the coalition can implement to defeat the trumped up charges against NFAC leader Grand Master Jay and be better prepared when it happens to another Black Revolutionary. Example: Coordinated, planned and reliable, Black Afrikan (where possible) legal resources shared across the individual organizations with regular meetings concerning status of wrongfully targeted Black Revolutionaries currently under legal duress. Justice and Information Ministers from each organization, both National and Local, are potential roles that may participate, with secondary support from Defense and Intelligence Ministries.  Solutions Examples for Further Study: 1) – Phone Bank Creation with a small group of phones calling all racist institutions demanding charges be dropped. 2) – Distribution of Petitions both online as well as paper copies in local Black Nation neighborhoods. 3) – Create localized GMJ Defense Committees using comrades of discretion that will develop creative ways to bring attention to GMJs case. 4) – Organize boots on the ground formations to demonstrate on a variety of racist institutions involved in the disposition of the case.

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GMJ Federal Charges and The Black Nation.

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The FBI, COINTELPRO, and Martin Luther King, Jr.: Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities. 1-2011. Church Committee.

Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans: 1976 US Senate Report on Illegal Wiretaps and Domestic Spying by the FBI, CIA and NSA. Church Committee.

The COINTELPRO Papers: Documents from the FBI’s Secret Wars Against Dissent in the United States 2nd Ed. 2001. Ward Churchill.

Racial Matters: The FBI’s Secret File on Black America, 1960-1972. 4-1991. Kenneth O’Reilly.

COINTELPRO: The FBI’s Secret War on Political Freedom. 9-1988 Nelson Blackstock.

The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover’s Secret FBI. 10-2014. Betty L. Medsger.

Conviction Machine: Standing Up to Federal Prosecutorial Abuse. 2-2020. Harvey A. Silvergate.

Surveillance Countermeasures: The Professional’s Guide to Countering Hostile Surveillance Threats. 7-2019. Aden C. Magee.

Extreme Privacy: What it Takes To Disappear. 2nd Ed. 5-2020. Mike Bazzell.

Tracking Humans: A Fundamental Approach to Finding Missing Persons, Insurgents, Guerillas, and Fugitives from the Law. 6-2013 David Diaz.

No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State. 5-2014 Glenn Greenwald.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures: Bug Sweeping. 5-2020 Michael Chandler.

There is a desire to protect the Black Nation while it remains in United States territory by the formation of a Black National Defense Force within this coalition. In addition, this will require a framework of cooperation that spans the geographic footprint of the coalition in the U.S. Direct and immediate threats to the Black Nation come from United States (state) sanctioned law enforcement (i.e. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, etc.) and secondarily, anyone that threatens the life of innocent Black men, women and children.  What are concrete, coordinated, planned steps/methods we must take, to create and maintain this Defense Force? Example: Cross-organizational research & planning team consisting of one or two trusted members from each participating organization (that meets virtually (secure phone/video platform) as often as needed), that becomes collectively aware of the on-the-ground political, socio-economic, law-enforcement characteristics of threats particular to a locale, and creates and maintains a Rapidly Deployable Emergency Response Team based on such intelligence. Defense, Field Marshall, Intelligence and Health Ministry roles can be primary, with secondary support from other coalition ministries. Example #2: Leveraging and implementing firearm training and Hand-to-Hand combat resources within (and without) the coalition for use by the Black Nation. Having Black coalition human resources trained in the art/science of reloading ammo and firearm construction and manufacturing.

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The coalition should explore the strategic use of local Civilian Review Boards to participate in the hiring and firing of local community law enforcement apparatus and their support organizations. There is ample literature pointing to the pros/cons and use of Civilian Review Boards. Ministers of Justice, Information and Community Programs may be primary, with other roles providing secondary support. What steps need to be taken to institute such boards across the coalition footprint? Example: Create cross-organizational/multi-geographic study and teaching teams to research, analyze, propose forward-thinking solutions regarding Community Control/Policing. What’s worked, what hasn’t, implement coalition plans based on analysis results.

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Civilian Review Board-Community Control-Policing Research.

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Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America Revised Ed. Aug. 2015

Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of Americas Police Forces. Radley Balko. 7-2013

Citizens, Cops, and Power. Recognizing the Limits of Community. 1st Ed. Steve Herbert 11-2009

Policing Los Angeles: Race, Resistance, and the Rise of the LAPD. Max Felker-Kantor. 9-2018

Evaluating Police Uses of Force. Seth W. Stoughton. 5-2020.

Community Justice. 2nd Ed. Todd R. Clear. 12-2010

You Can’t Stop the Revolution: Community Disorder and Social Ties in Post-Ferguson America. 1st Ed. Andrea S. Boyles.

Bleeding Out: The Devastating Consequences of Urban Violence and a Bold New Plan for Peace in the Streets. Thomas Abt. 6-2019.

Enforcing Police Accountability Through Civilian Oversight 1st Ed. 2010 Sankar Sen.

To unite as a Black Nation, we must do everything in our power to ensure integrity from within. To that end, this coalition must engage in mitigating Black-on-Black violence within the Black Community. Specifically, addressing Gang violence and Black Community predation. As a human resource within the Black Nation, what strategies can the coalition create and implement, that takes the formidable knowledge and skill sets utilized within the black gang communities, and use them FOR rather than AGAINST the Black Nation? Justice, Defense, Field Marshall and Community Ministries can be primary on these teams. Example: Periodic and Coordinated Gang Stop the Violence and Truce Summits in “hot spots” such as L.A., NYC, Chicago, etc. Provide every local coalition chapter with a Plan of Action after every Summit, combined with potentially having virtual online meetups to stay in touch and keep each other abreast of conditions across the Black Nation as well as assisting each other in implementing new and evolving strategies and ideas.

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Black on Black Violence-Gang Violence

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Black on Black Violence: The Psychodynamics of Black Self Annihilation in Service of White Domination. Amos N. Wilson

The Psychology of Self-Hatred and Self-Defeat: Towards a Reclamation of the Afrikan Mind. Amos N. Wilson

Issues of Manhood in Black and White: An Incisive Look Into Masculinity and the Societal Definition of Afrikan Man. Amos N. Wilson

The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness: Eurocentric History, Psychiatry and the Politics of White Supremacy

Know Thy Self Na’im Akbar

The Little Book of Race and Restorative Justice: Black Lives, Healing, and US Social Transformation. 4-2019. Fania E. Davis.

Between Good and Ghetto: African American Girls and Inner City Violence. 12-2009 Nikki Jones.

Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys. 6-2011. Victor M. Rios.

Peace in the Hood: Working with Gang Members to End the Violence 7-2014 Aquil Basheer and Christina Hoag.

The Black African Liberation Renaissance Coalition seeks to implement a new and energetic campaign directed at the United States Prison Industrial Complex (PIC). Changing the foul conditions prisoners live in and the releasing of political prisoners/P.O.W’s like GMJ and Mumia Abu-Jamal. COVID has negatively impacted our P.O.Ws in the PIC and the anti-PIC prisoner movement has been gaining traction since the recent hunger strikes the last few years in places like NJ, Wisconsin, and California. Our P.O.Ws also require books to elevate their consciousness about their plight and its connections to the overall oppression of the Black Nation. What are some strategic and tactical solutions the coalition can implement to improve the conditions of our P.O.Ws until their eventual liberation?  Example: Coalition book drives across the country for our P.O.Ws to educate them about their rich Black African heritage. Pushing for the elimination of SHU (Special Housing Unit) programs and other COINTELPRO-type sensory deprivation units used by the enemy. Justice-Law, Community Programs, Culture, Prison, and Youth Minister ministries can be on point for this effort.

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Prison Industrial Complex.

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American Prisons: Their Past, Present & Future. David Musick. 1st Ed. 5-2017

Punishment for Sale: Private Prisons, Big Business and the Incarceration Binge. Donna Selman. 1-2010

Prison Profiteers: Who Makes Money From Mass Incarceration. Tara Herivel. 5-2009

10th Edition. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. Michelle Alexander. 1-2020

Children of the Prison Boom. Sara Wakefield. 9-2016.

Punishment Without Crime: How our Massive Misdemeanor System Traps the Innocent and Makes America More Unequal. Alexandra Natapoff. 12-2018.

Charged: The New Movement to Transform American Prosecution and End Mass Incarceration. Emily Bazelon. 5-2020.

Private Prison Information Act 2007, and Review of the Prision Litigation Reform Act: A Decade of Reform or an Increase in Prison and Abuses. United States Congress.

Inside Private Prisons: An American Dilemma in an Age of Mass Incarceration. Lauren Brooke-Eisen. 5-2019

Blood in the Water: The Attica Prison Uprising of 1971 and its Legacy. Heather Ann thompson. 8-2017.

The New Debtors Prison: Why All Americans Are in Danger of Losing Their Freedom. Christopher B. Maselli. 5-2019.

American Prison: A Reporters Undercover Journey Into the Business of Punishment. Shane Bauer. 6-2019.

African Time: Universe to 1896AD. Complete Vol.1 Dr. Ife Kilimanjaro, Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro, Yahra Aaneb, Seba.

MAAT: Guiding Principles of Moral Living. Drs. Ife and Tdka Kilimanjaro, Yahra Aaneb, Seba, T”Gambia Heru, Elder.

KMT: indigenous African Population. Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro.

KA2: Philosophy & Method-Ancient Kmt (Egypt) Doctrine of Opposities, Modernized. Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro.


Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in America James Forman, Jr.

The Black African Liberation and Renaissance Coalition needs to strengthen the socio-economic situation of the Black Nation in the specific area of Land Ownership and Use. Coalition member organizations either have already, or have begun to acquire land in their respective local geographic areas. From a coalition collective perspective, how can we simultaneously localize and nationally operationalize existing land ownership, and collectively pool resources to gain additional land resources (both here and overseas)?  Some key purposes such as self-sustainability (i.e. local food production/farming, off-grid wind/solar power sourcing, water wells, etc.), creation, maintenance and protection of Black African revolutionary controlled towns and cities (rural locales) that, as a critical example, will facilitate the protection of the people against the current COVID pandemic and vaccination mandates. etc.? Changing our paradigm from consumption to production within the Black African Nation. Community Program Directors, International Ambassadors, Commerce-Industry and Finance, and Communications Ministers are primary. Key secondary support from Defense and Field Marshall Ministers for protecting/patrolling the various locations.

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Building Black African Revolutionary Controlled Towns and Cities:

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PERET: Survival Teams – Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro, Yahra Aaneb, T’Gambia Heru, Elder, Gi-en Ankh Maak.

On Organization: Guiding Principles of Organization in a Period of African Renaissance Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro, Yahra Aaneb, Seba.

Kheperu: Fundamentals of Back to Africa Movements Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro, Yahra Aaneb, Seba.

Art of War: Sun Tzu Strategy, and Tactics, Distilled into an African Philosophy of Life in a Time of Exodus. Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro

Research Teams Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro, Dr. Ife Kilimanjaro, Yahra Aaneb, Seba.

Study Teams: Build Research, Publish & Teaching Teams Dr. Ife Kilimanjaro, Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro, Yahra Aaneb, Seba.

Teaching Teams: Aim, Organization, Structure, Pedagogy. Dr. Ife Kilimanjaro, Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro, Yahra Aaneb, Seba.

What Must Be Done Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro, Yahra Aaneb, Seba.

Resistance to Tyranny Joseph P. Martino.

Ultimate Guide: Barns, Sheds & Outbuildings, Updated 4th Ed. Plan/Design/Build: Step-by-Step Building and Design Instructions Plus Plans to Build More Than 100 Outbuildings. 8-2019. Editors of Creative Homeowners.

Homesteading: A Backyard Guide to Growing Your Own Food, Canning, Keeping Chickens, Generating Your Own Energy, Crafting, Herbal Medicine, and More. 10-2014. Abigail Gehring.

Emergency Air: For Shelter-in-Place Preppers and Home-Built Bunkers. 4-2013. F.J. Bohan.

How to Survive Apocalypse: How to Build A Bunker And Survive During The First 24 Hours After Collapse, Martial Law and After Nuclear Strike. 4-2020. Ian London, Peter Jenkins.

Bunker: Building for the End Times. 8-2020. Bradley Garrett.

Land Development Handbook, Fourth Edition. 5-2019 Dewberry

Contruction Practices for Land Development: A Field Guide for Civil Engineers. 1st Edition. 5-2019. Dewberry.

The Black African LIberation Renaissance Coalition needs to explore the use of Mass Media and Communications in the form of a Hip Hop Summit sponsored and organized by the coalition. Solicit the participation of Radio Stations and Music labels in the goals of the coalition as a alternative to the culture of murder and disrespect that has been marketed and subsequently consumed by the Black Nation. How can the coalition begin outreach to this particular part of the Mass Media-Communications apparatus to leverage its influence on the Black Nation?  We have a historical blueprint we can modernize in the original Black Panther Party, illustrated in “The Spectacular Rise of a Black Power Icon” by Jane Rhodes 2017. National and Local Ministers of Communications and Information can be point on this.  

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Black African Liberation and Renaissance Coalition Hip Hop Summit

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Prophets of the Hood: Politics and Poetics in Hip Hop. Imani Perry 11-2004

Hip-Hop Revolution: The Culture and Politics of Rap. Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar 11-2007

Flip the Script: European Hip Hop and the Politics of Postcoloniality. J. Griffeth Rollerfson 10-2017

Affective Politics of Digital Media: Propaganda by Other Means. Megan Boler. 9-2020

Media: Persuasion and Propaganda 1st Ed. Marshall Soules 2-2015

LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media. P.W. Singer, Emerson T. Brooking. 10-2019

The Liberal Media Industrial Complex. Mark Dice 11-2019

Mind Over Media: Propaganda Education for a Digital Age. Renee Hobbs, Douglas Rushkoff. 10-2020

The always provocative and contentious issue of Reparations for the Black Nation is another issue requiring coalition strategic discussion. We have historical precedence within point 3 of the original Black Panther 10-point program, as well as modern-contemporary solutions offered by coalition leadership members. Where should the coalition start when exploring this issue in the current epoch in which it exists (current historical contexts matter)? What are realistic, viable approaches that may be implemented after rigorous analysis by coalition staff? International Ambassadors, Commerce and Industry and Justice and Law Ministers can be point with support roles from other ministries.

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Reparations Discussions and Proposed Solutions.

From Here to Equality: Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century. Dr. William A. Darity, Jr & Kirsten Mullen.

PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America Claud Anderson, Ed. D.

When conducting joint coalition operations such as community patrols, unarmed/armed interventions, etc., it will be of paramount importance that a Basic Code of Conduct is codified and established for the benefit of maintaining order and discipline, mutual cooperation, divisiveness and disunity avoidance, and integrity amongst coalition members. This Code of Conduct should be ratified by the collective leadership and socialized among the membership for eventual implementation. Chiefs of Staff, Defense, and Field Marshall Ministers may be on point for this effort with support roles from other ministries.

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Basic Code of Conduct for Joint Coalition Operations

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Tactical Manual: Small Unit Tactics 1st Ed. Max Velocity Tactical. Chapter: PATROLS pgs. 137-268

U.S. Army Ranger Handbook U.S. Dept. of Defense Revised & Updated 2020 Chapter 6-Movement Chapter 7-Patrols

Art of War: Sun Tzu Strategy, and Tactics, Distilled into an African Philosophy of Life in a Time of Exodus Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro

Small Wars Manual: United States Marine Corps 2012

Operations Security (OPSEC) U.S. Navy U.S. Marine Corps September 2017

War of the Flea: The Classic Study of Guerrilla Warfare 2002 Robert Taber

Mao Tse-Tung On Guerrilla Warfare by Mao Tse-Tung

Guerilla Warfare Ernesto Che Guevara

Minimanual of the Urban Guerilla Carlos Marighella

Out of the Mountains: The Coming Age of the Urban Guerrilla 2015

With the COVID Pandemic increasingly impacting the Black Nation on a multitude of levels particularly socially, economically and physically (health implications), of particular concern is the increase in domestic violence from COVID stay at home/work at home mandates across the country. Calling on F12 in these situations should not be the only option for the Black Nation (some would argue, not an option at all). This coalition should look towards providing the infrastructure necessary that serves as an alternative to calling F12 to deal with domestic violence within the Black Nation. Some high-level examples would be local, regional and/or national coalition hotlines with direct access to coalition domestic violence resources. Development of a complimentary cellphone application could be another solution with the proper financial and technical support. Defense, Field Marshall, Communications, Health and Community Programs Ministers may be on point with support roles from other ministries.  

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Domestic Violence in the Black Nation.

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Handbook of Anger Management and Domestic Violence Offender Treatment 2nd Ed. Ronald T. Potter-Efron 2-2015

Domestic Violence Risk Assessment: Tools for Effective Prediction and Management. 2nd Ed. N. Zoe Hilton


http://idvaac.org/ Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community (IDVAAC)

Social Work Practice with African Americans in Urban Environments 1st Ed. 9-2015 Rhonda Wells-Wilbon, DSW, LICSW, LCSW-C, Anna R. McPhatter, PhD, LCSW, Halaevalu F.O. Vakalahi, PhD.

Social Work Practice with African American Families: An Intergenerational Perspective. 1st Ed. 6-2009 Cheryl Waites, EdD, MSW.

The so-called War on Drugs has significantly contributed to the decimation of the cohesiveness of the Black Family. Coalition leadership and members are encouraged to strategize and plan how best to utilize coalition resources to mitigate the impacts of drugs in black neighborhoods. Example: Leveraging and replicating the acupuncture detoxification programs of political prisoner P.O.W Dr. Mutulu Shakur http://mutulushakur.com/site/ . Community Programs, Health, Information, Youth, and Defense Ministers may be on point for this effort, with support roles from other ministries.

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Drugs in Black Neighborhoods.

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The War on Drugs and The Global Colour Line 5-2019 Kojo Koram.

The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade Alfred W. McCoy.

Culturally Specific Treatment: A Model for the Treatment of African-American Clients. 5-2018 Hattie Wash. Psy. D.

Rescue Infrastructure and Operations regarding Missing Black Children (Child Trafficking) is another topic requiring effective coalition planning and implementation. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, despite making up only 13% of the total U.S. population, more than 30% of ALL missing persons were BLACK in 2018. In addition, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) based in Washington D.C., about 800,000 Americans go missing each year, and about 60% of the reports that go into NCMEC databases are people of color. So once again, the Black Nation is disproportionately affected by nefarious external forces in this country. How can this particular Black Afrikan Liberation Renaissance organization leverage its unique talents, resources and relationships to help bring our precious black children back home to the Black Nation? Community Program, Information, Communications & Media, Defense and Field Marshall Ministers may be point on this effort. Example: Have a close collaborative relationship with Black Nation advocates on the ground such as “Blaq Rose” (on Facebook) out of Washington D.C., allowing her to tap into our resources in her fight to bring black missing children back home.  

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Coalition Rescue of Missing and Exploited Black Children.

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https://www.cbcfinc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/SexTraffickingReport3.pdf Snapshot of the State of Black Women and Girls: Sex Trafficking in the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/human-trafficking-statistics-by-state Human Trafficking Statistics by State 2020.

https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/violent-crime/cac FBI Crimes Against Children/Online Predators website.

https://www.usmarshals.gov/duties/factsheets/missing_child_program.pdf U.S. Marshals Service Missing Child Program 2020.

https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp2024046 New England Journal of Medicine A Pandemic within a Pandemic — Intimate Partner Violence during Covid-19

Coalition Support and Patronage of Black Businesses supporting the Black Nation. This is a simple operational requirement within the Coalition. Where at all possible, when the coalition needs to source goods and services in support of its missions, whether locally, regionally or nationally, make a concerted effort to Buy Black, and keep our financial resources circulating within our Black Nation. Information and Commerce and Industry Ministers can be on point for this effort, with Community Program Ministers a close second. The coalition needs ammunition, do the best we can to source that from a Black owned business. Lumber for use on land acquisitions, source from a Black owned business if possible. https://webuyblack.com/ The coalition should qualify with an agreed upon criterion what is considered a Black Business. i.e. Is the Black Business at least 55% Black owned?  Does it circulate its own revenue-expenditures with other Black businesses and within the Black Nation? etc.

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Another long term strategic planning consideration for the coalition is in the acquisition of Large Ships/Boats for International Trade and Travel. Commerce and Industry and International Ambassadors would intuitively be point on this phase of Afrikan Renaissance, however, it may be a cross-functional team also made up of newly defined roles as well. Historical precedent for this is of course the Honorable Marcus Mosias Garvey’s Black Star Line https://www.blackpast.org/african-american-history/black-star-line-1919-1923/  It is clear that the coalition, in the current 21st Century, would do well to study the rise and fall of this endeavor, so as not to duplicate its mistakes/failures. This endeavor requires long term planning and involves a host of considerations and requirements too numerous to mention here. Ship acquisition is one hurdle, maintenance and operation are some major additional challenges. High-level, 10,000 foot view brainstorming by coalition members specifically tasked only to this endeavor (same for the Aircraft discussion) is a necessary first step.  https://horizonship.com/ship-category/tankers-for-sale/product-tankers-for-sale/      https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2000/cruise-ship–1432-passengers-stock-no-s2547-3699676/ 

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A long term strategic consideration for the coalition centering on superior protection of the Black African Nation presumably after becoming a true Nation State, is the creation of a Black Air Force and Navy. Defense, Field Marshall, Chief of Staffs, Chairmans, International Ambassador Ministers are on point for this effort (or potential creation of new ministries specific to this effort). Solution Example: A Black Air Force and Navy requires a Black D.A.R.P.A of Black African scientists and technologists. Reverse engineering of purchased small-scale aircraft and ships to gain the engineering knowledge. Black aircraft pilot and boat captaining training.

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Black African Air Force and Navy.

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The Pentagon’s Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America’s Top Secret Military Research Agency. Annie Jacobsen.2015

General Aviation Aircraft Design: Applied Methods and Procedures 1st Ed. Snorri Gudmundsson

Failure Analysis Case Studies 2 Author D.H. Jones eBook ISBN: 9781483299587 – reference material to help people avoid or analyse engineering failures, design and manufacture for greater safety and economy, and assess operating, maintenance and fitness-for-purpose procedures.

Innovation in Aeronautics 1st Edition. Editors T. Yonng, M Hirst eBook ISBN: 9780857096098

Simplified Aircraft Design for Homebuilders Daniel P. Rayner, Ph.D.


Establishment of a Revolutionary Council of 5 Elders who will provide experienced, educated and wise mediation of issues and disputes brought before them by the Coalition to include high-level spiritual and diplomatic support to the generals and central committee members of the coalition. Similar to the Tribal Council of Elders involved in Wakandan governance in the fictional Black Panther movie. Coalition Generals and potentially certain central committee members from individual organizations within the coalition should take time to convene on codification of the requirements, duties and responsibilities of the elders, as well as length of tenure, elder council voting processes and procedures, interview process definition, etc. Example Requirements: 65 Years of Age and older, at least 20 years of uncompromising service to the Black Nation.

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