The Beauty of A Black Woman
There is something about the beauty of a woman,
it shines in the whites of her eyes,
and the pearls of her teeth,
it is in the melanin of her skin,
and the black of her hair,
it is in the warm browns,
midnight blacks,
and the pinkness of her hidden flesh,
it is in the smell of her skin,
and the natural pheromone scents,
There is something about the beauty of a black woman,
that keeps pulling me in…

I just stumbled upon this poem by Vernon J. Davis Jr., and wanted to share with all.  It is an ode to the beauty of the black woman; I love the comparison to the shining sun.  Enjoy!


Beautiful black woman,

Your beauty is surpassed by none.

 Beautiful black woman,

Your sensuous splendor is like the shining sun

Your wondrous ways come from your soul

Which no one man may hope to control

Beautiful black woman,

You are the guiding hope of our people

Beautiful black woman,

your mind maintains your glorious power.

Beautiful black woman,

Your spirit is like a shining church tower

which points the way to heaven above

and which seeks to find true love.

Beautiful black woman,

you are the guiding hope of our people.

Beautiful Black woman,

Your time is like a precious commodity.

Beautiful Black Woman,

Your ebony will is strong and free,

so take your precious time,

and your determined will,

and use them both to emphasize what you really feel.

Beautiful black woman,

you are the guiding hope of our people.

Beautiful black woman,

In you lies our future!

Vernon J. Davis Jr.

Sister Without Peer
My one, my soul without peer, Most beautiful of all!Rising like the morning star At the start of a happy year. Shining bright, fair of skin, Lovely the look of her eyes, Sweet the speech of her lips, She has not a word too much. Upright neck, shining breast, Hair true lapis lazuli; Arms surpassing gold, Fingers like lotus buds. Heavy thighs, narrow waist, Her legs parade her beauty; With a graceful step, she treads the ground, Captures my heart by her movements. She causes all men’s necks to turn about to see her; Joy has he whom she embraces, He is like the first of men! When she steps outside she seems like the Sun!

“She has no rival,              
  there is no one like her.
She is the fairest of all.
She is like a star goddess arising
…    at the beginning of a new year;
brilliantly white, shining skin; Such beautiful eyes when she stares,
and sweet lips when she speaks;
she has not one phrase too many. With a long neck and shining body
her hair of genuine lapis lazuli;
her arm more brilliant than gold; Her fingers like lotus flowers,
ample behind, tight waist,
her thighs extend her beauty,

Shapely in stride 
 when she steps on the earth. She has stolen my heart with her embrace,
She has made the neck of every man
turn round at the sight of her. Whoever embraces her is happy,
he is like the head of lovers,

And she is seen going outside
like That Goddess, the One Goddess.”

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