7 Attributes of a Good Black Woman

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They age well – Black women tend to age well. I’ve seen loads of black women who are around 50 years old and still look like they are in their 20’s.
They have a strong sense of pride – I find black women tend to be proud of their black heritage and status as women.
Honesty – I love how honest black women are. I think out of all other women, black women have been the most honest. It sometimes hurt, but they were right. Like for example, my white friend joined a Neo Nazi organization. His wife was a black woman. When she heard him join, she didn’t seem bothered. She calmly said “sooner or later, he’ll be out of there..there’s not a racist bone in his body..” lol. Eventually, he left and rejected his Nazi views exactly as she predicted.
Good sense of humor – There’s something about the way black women say things that make me laugh hard. This video is such an example. Black women have a unique sense of humor that other races just can’t pull off as well.

What qualities do you admire most about black women?

How do most people view black women?

Why are black women sterotyped as masculine when most black women have very feminine features?

Why are black women so disrespected & appropriated by women from other races?

Non African-Americans who have dated African-Americans. What did you admire about them?

  1. Their hair. I swear there’s nothing like a black women rocking her natural hair, or some braids… or let’s be real a nice wig/weave
  2. Their inability to age. Lol this one I have a love hate relationship with personally but tell me you don’t look at someone like Nia Long and really see her as a 47 year old. We don’t age… my mom tells me I’ll appreciate it more one day lol, right now I hate not looking legal
  3. Their perseverance. We rise up and we do it well. I swear the phoenix is like our spirit animal or something.
  4. Their differences. We cosplay, we read, we dance, we cook… we’re everywhere. We dare to be different despite whatever obstacles are in our way. Shout out to Maame Biney and Erin Jackson.
  5. Their skin colors. Man have you seen how many different shades of brown we can be? Every family reunion I marvel at the different skin tones of the women in my family. And yes the color seem to vary more in my family with the women then the men.
  6. Black girl magic. Yas hunny! Our confidence, our swag, just how we carry ourselves. The magic is real.

I can go on for days. I love black women and I think we’re amazing 🙂

Now, let me ask you, what do you feel are some Attributes of a Good Black Woman?

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