Apart from providing a mean for ‘physical needs’ and for ‘having children’, the main importance of a wife for a husband are:

  • Wife provides emotional & mental support:

Whenever a husband comes back to home daily in the evening from the office, it is her only who welcomes (not literally) him at the house door. We, husbands, forget all the day’s stress and tension whenever we see our wife like this,

I mean, we husbands, are in a hurry to return to our homes in the evening just to see the smiling face of the diva (i.e. wife).

  • Wife is the best buddy for a husband:

She is the one, a husband can always reside on. He can share all his emotions, fears, doubts, plans, funny moments, comments etc. with her. Hence a wife is the best buddy to which a husband can open his entire heart.

There is one small story which I feel appropriate to share along-with this answer:

Once in a lecture/seminar on ‘human relations’, the anchor calls one of the wives from the audience to the black board. He asks her to write down names of all the persons on the blackboard who matter to her in her life.

So she writes names of husband, children, other family members, some distant relatives, friends etc. – some 25 names or so. Everybody including her and the audience is anxious to know what type of activity is this.

The anchor now gets serious and asks her to wipe out any 10 names out of this assuming, God forbid, they are no more in her life. She gets a shock but on the insistence and request, she figures out the names to wipe. With a heavy hand, she starts with ‘not so close friends’, distant relatives and like that.

The environment has now become serious. He then directs her to rub all the names leaving any 5, again assuming that they don’t exist anymore in her life.

Now she was reluctant to do so but again as per his insistence, she tries to delete names of all other family members and relatives – while deleting, some good memories had become alive to her. Now there are only 5 names left on the board – husband, 2 children and her father & mother.

Now it seems that Anchor had yet not finished. He then requests her to delete any 02 names further, again assuming their existence is no more; leaving the names of the persons she cannot think to live without. At this time, she was in tears and was not ready to move further. But again just for the sake of completing the activity, she proceeded to delete the names of father and mother. It was a very difficult move for her to prioritize amongst her near and dear ones. Now there are only 3 names on the board – husband and 2 children.

As it was not sufficient, finally the anchor asks her to leave any one name on the board, again assuming the rest 2 are no more with her, God forbid. She was already heart broken and shattered. But hearing this, she was in deep shock and was unable to decide. Anchor again pleaded her to move ahead and asked her to delete any 2 names by leaving only 1 name without whom she cannot imagine to live at any cost. With full of tears, crying and with trembling hands, she goes ahead and wipes the name of her children slowly. She was inconsolable.

At this moment of time, anchor comes forward and addresses the audience and says,

A lady can live without her friends, she can live without her relatives, she can live without her parents, she can even live without her children but she cannot leave her husband. A husband is the person in this world whom a lady loves the most.

This is the importance of a wife to a husband. Come whatever may, a wife would be the biggest asset, best gift and best companion & soulmate a husband can have in this world.


  1. I completely agree. BLACK LOVE IS BLACK POWER ❤️🖤💚😎💋💋💋💋❣️

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