Snoop Dogg on the Hot Seat with Big Pharma Following Latest Business Venture

By Maggie Fox and Elizabeth Cohen, CNNUpdated: Friday, June 25, 2021Snoop Dogg admits his true feelings about Eminem - REVOLT

Rap mogul Snoop Dogg unveiled his new CBD line on Live TV last week.

Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg shocked his audience and music label last week after he announced his new CBD line on Live TV. Big pharmaceutical companies were furious, and accused Snoop Dogg of undercutting their prices and violating the terms of his sponsorship contract.

“I started working on this project back in 2019, mainly as something to use for myself,” Snoop Dogg said. “After seeing firsthand the positive effects Pur Organics CBD Oil had on myself and my family, I knew I had to release this to the public as well. It truly can help thousands of people live happier, pain-free lives.”

Since the announcement, his product, Pur Organics CBD Oil, has been flying off the shelves all around the world. This has caused a massive dip in sales for Big Pharma companies, such as Bayer and Purdue Pharma, who offer products that are 90% more expensive and are five times less effective than Pur Organics CBD Oil.

Bayer and Purdue Pharma were so upset that they released a joint statement, demanding that Snoop Dogg not only be indicted, but go back on television to apologize directly.

“We are happy that Snoop Dogg is living a pain-free life, but announcing his product violated his contract and is directly undercutting our prices. Snoop Dogg must be indicted and apologize.”Michael interviews Snoop Dogg Video - ABC News

Snoop Dogg went back on TV and offered his viewers free samples.

Snoop Dogg did go back on TV the next day to address the issue, but, instead of apologizing, the hip hop personality doubled down on his product and offered free samples to all of his viewers.

“There’s no way Big Pharma is going to intimidate me,” Snoop Dogg said. “ Pur Organics CBD Oil has changed my life, my family’s life, and now it’s going to change thousands of people’s lives around the world. I have put thousands of hours of research into this product and I wouldn’t be offering to the public if I didn’t trust it completely.”

Snoop Dogg did acknowledge that Big Pharma’s sales were suffering, but explained that it’s not his fault that his product simply delivers safer and better results at a cheaper price.

“People using Pur Organics CBD Oil are experiencing results that they never thought possible. Big Pharma simply can’t compete with what they are offering. I am sorry that their sales are going down, but my product is just simply safer and more effective.”

Hearing Snoop Dogg talk about his product made us want to do our own research, and we were shocked at how many positive reviews we found.


Based on our research, the answer is absolutely.

Pur Organics CBD Oil has been proven to have positive effects on a person’s physiological, neurological, and physical functions. Additionally, it can help alleviate a number of ailments, including but not limited to:

  • -Chronic Pain
  • -Joint pain
  • -Anxiety
  • -Headaches
  • -High Blood Sugar
  • -Cognitive Disabilities
  • -Stress

And More!

During his appearance on Live TV Snoop Dogg also offered free samples to all of his cast and crew, and has also grown a large celebrity clientele. See for yourself!

3 responses to “Snoop Dogg on the Hot Seat with Big Pharma Following Latest Business Venture”

  1. Happy he’s able to get a great product out and be successful with it no one should be mad with him and he shouldn’t have to apologize for having a mind of his own that’s some real devil is shit they’re doing or trying to do.. may God continue to bless Snoop in his family with whatever they do..

  2. I placed an order for Snoop Dogg’s CBD oil. The money was taken from my bank account and I still haven’t received my shipment. Its been 2 weeks already. I have a receipt for my order. What do I do?

    • The best thing that you can do is to immediately contact your bank or credit card company. Explain the situation to them and tell them that you did not authorize charges by the company listed on your statement. They will likely suggest that you cancel your existing card and get a new one issued. They can also help you get a refund for past charges.

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