I am proud of who I am and I’m proud to let it be known.

I’m proud to have a flag all of my own!

I’m proud that I AM of the RBG’s, a SUPREME BEING!

I’m proud to not be of this world and know who I am!

I’m proud to be of a chosen generation!

I’m proud to be of a royal priesthood!

I’m proud to be of an holy nation!

I’m proud to be of a peculiar people!

I’m proud to show forth the praises of RBG Nation who hath called me out of darkness (of this world we live in, out of The pain, the suffering, the hurt, the lies, the deceit, the death, the murder, the adultery, the forication, the hate, the selflove and all that is not of me nor my son’s and daughters) I’m proud to be in RBG’s marvellous light…

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