Why are there kids in GTA V?

Though there are kids in games I have played, and they have established themselves as a central character like-

Horizon Zero Dawn

The Last of us

The Walking Dead

And in those games, the situation itself was so tense that the developers had to show how the kids dealt with the calamity.

There is a number of reasons why there are no kids in games like Grand Theft Auto series and Watchdogs 2.

  1. The game has too much violence.
  2. Present-Day America, as shown in the game has become terrible for the families owing to creating a ruckus, assault, car jack, etc. So the families, according to the plot have ensured the well-being of the children.
  3. Grand theft auto titles are all about characters drugging and peddling with dealers. Buying and selling hefty/lethal arms, drugs, packages in front of an 11-year-old will surely have a negative impact on him/her.
  4. Imagine your mission would ask you to snipe a dude ; and a school bus passes near the incident where it happened or would happen; just visualize the havoc the school kids would have to deal with if they witness the incident, because you don’t start your missions after the school or the office time gets over right?
  5. If you wanna take your hooker in a secluded area, and a kid accidentally wanders in that area, imagine what would be the situation.
  6. Don’t ever speak about the mayhem you’ll cause with a Hunter plane. It will terrify and haunt particularly kids owing to late recovery from the trauma.
  7. Bad language, heists, theft, and so many things. Rockstar games don’t want and encourage the kids to do all those stuff when they grow up by not creating kids in the first place and putting a label of ‘18’ at the top of the video game case.

Now picture it yourself, if the developers would have created kids where the ‘good-old dude’ player is running the town according to his own desires, so many countries would have banned Rockstar games/Ubisoft by now.

Therefore kids are not and won’t be included ever.

All the kids in the Rockstar Universe seem to go to Bullsworth Acadamy, from “Bully”.

If you don’t remember this gem, You played as Jimmy, the new kid from the wrong side of the tracks who befriends most of the clicks and takes vengeance on bullies, truancy officers, and insane asylum workers.

This was, I believe, the only real kids-focused Rockstar game, and of course, you could knock out people all day, every day, but there was no killing.

I will give it to Rockstar for having a creative place to put kids in their universe, Perhaps there are just an abundance of boarding schools in Rockstar-AmeContinue Reading1011 comment from Max PrestonRelated Spaces (More Answers Below)

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There are no kids (minors) in any GTA game. Even the very first one, which had loads of violence and mayhem targeting random, and not so random, pedestrians.

In addition, you are free to be as violent as you wish when free roaming the world. You will trigger a response from the adult NPCs, especially law enforcement and military, but there are no restrictions.

GTA 5 Online also has no pet animals or wildlife, even though they are present in the story, albeit unkillable.

The freedom to act is built into the game. While the storyline encourages violence, quite often the targets are acceptable, fairContinue Reading12Add a comment…Sponsored by WingspanHow can I become a successful freelancer?From invoicing, to benefits, to bookkeeping, Wingspan’s all-in-one platform has everything you need.Learn MoreRelated Questions (More Answers Below)My 13 yr old is begging to get the game Grand Theft Auto.. what are the worst things that can happen or can you do on that game?72,977 ViewsIs there a way to turn sex and violence off in GTA 5 for my son?9,013 ViewsMy friend (we’re both Koreans) says Grand Theft Auto makes fun of everyone, not just America, but they don’t. If you play the game, you’ll never hear them making fun of the UK. Why is Grand Theft Auto so hateful against America?22,215 ViewsAsk New QuestionOther AnswersDouglas Humphrey, Manager at Restaurant Chains (2016-present)Answered July 18, 2019

Good question. It is, after all, a digital world. The “Days Gone” creators seemed to realize this when they included the “Newts” (Mutated kids you can bash and kill in a number of ways.). Of course the argument here would be ‘Hey, they’re mutants.’ Yet they were once normal human children and still look very similar to a typical kid, both males and females.

True, in GTA5 you can pick up a hooker. But they are the only npc’s who are going to get in your vehicle when you blow the horn.

In the real world you see news stories about kids stealing cars and going on wild joy rides. Recently, in AustralContinue Reading4Add a comment…Holden Hathcock, School (2009-present)Updated June 19

Let’s see…

Little Johnny strides down the sunny streets of Los Santos, happily munching on his now melting vanilla ice cream with assorted sprinkles on top. He joins hands with his overjoyed mom and dad, now apparently skipping down the street to their fun-filled apartment.

Though Johnny is very chipper for his ice cream, mom and dad are also upbeat because they just signed off on a renovation to freshen up their four year, five month old apartment.

As the family guides Johnny down the recently cleaned sidewalk, they notice their pleasant and favorable neighbor, Mr. Jones. As he walks closer, momContinue Reading41Add a comment…Josh Karrde, Gamer since the 80’s.Answered January 15, 2018

Because a lot of people have a serious issue with the portrayal of violence against children in media, even video games.

Can you imagine stealing a school bus, running from the cops in it, jumping out before hitting a ramp, and watching 18 kids burn alive as it crashes and rolls down a hillside?

So why don’t they just put kids in the game and not allow them to be injured?

Lets say you’re running from the cops (again) and you take a corner wide. There’s a teacher who is taking the kids on a field trip, you kill all the teachers and chaperones, but the kids just bounce off the car, get up and start giggling at the fact they have the rest of the day off now. Talk about lack of immersion!

This is why kids are not in GTA5, and likely never will be.3.2K viewsView Upvoters · Answer requested by Kelly Spears38Add a comment…Darren EwersAnswered September 9

Grand Theft Auto has always been controversial afterall the premise for the game is to be a criminal and Grand Theft Auto is known entirely for its violence where you can freely run down coppers using their own cars, beat a hooker with a baseball bat and generally do shooting rampages that would even make the NRA consider updating the second amendment, now imagine the uproar if suddenly kids appeared the games would be pulled from the shelves as soon as a you hear a bunch of screaming mothers starting a riot.

Is GTA 5 appropriate for a 10yearold?

NO. That doesn’t mean there are NO 10 year olds out there playing the game though. While the game has rated G and PG moments/things within the game like racing, creativity, etc, overall, GTA is a very mature game not designed for children.

So answer the question yourself, should your children be playing?

Did you order playstation for your children?

Tell us how you feel when it comes to children playing GTA? We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter…


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