Blk folks can be a strange bunch of people. I’ve made it perfectly clear that I’m a Pan Africanist, and I believe 100% that all huemans originated from the Motherland, and all civilizations sprang from the cultures of Africans. YET AT LEAST ONCE A DAY, A NEGUS WILL FEEL THE NEED TO EXPLAIN TO ME WHY WE SHOULD BE WHATEVER WE WANT TO BE, only to get himself blocked and deleted. THIS IS AN ISSUE I WILL NOT DEBATE‼
Where is the concern that we should have for our people who are being displaced in these forest fires in California ⁉ I put up a post FOR ANCESTRAL PRAYERS FOR OUR PEOPLE WHO’S SUFFERING AND AFFECTED FROM THESE FIRES, AND IT GOT 3 LIKES. Now, if I would of said pray for EVERYBODY ( including the wypipo) kneegroes would have had praying hands all over that post. “Prayers up”, “God got you”, “sending prayers” would have been posted by the hundreds. Yet we are lax in praying to our CREATOR for aid for our own kind. Being woke should make us more sensitive to the needs of our people, we should be proud to beseech the Ancestors, to ask for healing energies to aid our people who are suffering. We’ve become desensitized to the needs of our brothers and sisters; if it’s not directly affecting us, out of sight, out of mind.
First we deny we’re Africans, then we accept the ways of the european; selfish, self centered and pandering. The Ancestors are not PLEASED WITH OUR ACTIONS‼ Stay woke, Blk Nation, Stay Vigilant‼✊🏿


One response to “THINK ON THESE THINGS”

  1. One of the great pathologies associated with living western is how easily we become distracted. If we do not consciously take time to ponder and reflect, this social and cultural system will overwhelm you with data (mostly repetitive and nonsensical) and your response will be amnesia and dulled emotions, loss of clarity and ambivalence.

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