Their laws were never meant to protect the Blk Man, only to hinder, harass and incriminate. The purpose of their police force from the very beginning was to capture runaway slaves, dead or alive. Their courts and prison system have disproportionately convicted and sentenced the Blk man to their prison/slave systems, and has kept him entrapped and indebted to this same system through their corrupt and inclusive probation and parole departments. Until the Blk Man is NOT SEEN AS A CRIMINAL FROM JUST BEING A BLK MAN, their laws WILL NEVER BE NOTHING MORE than another facet of white supremacy. Stay woke, Blk Nation, Stay Vigilant‼✊🏿
By Queen Jackie Bellamy

Published by Chief X.

Founder and CEO of The African People Of Love, Community Activist, Elder snd Speaker, Father of 7 children 15 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Man of Afrika, Devoted Husband, Inspirational Speaker, Social Entrepreneur & CEO, Author, Community Leader, Youth Ambassador, and Consultant To put it simply, Eliyah has a rare gift and a relentless passion to challenge people, young & old to become the best versions of them. He uses his life lessons to provide a foundation for young men and women to use as building blocks toward success. Eliyah X.’s message and thought provoking delivery resonates and captivates audiences of every kind, filling them with inspiration and instructions on how to move forward. Eliyah’ message is intended to help youth discover their gifts and persevere in their purpose. Eliyah speaks regularly at colleges, churches, community meetings and social gatherings. His presentations illustrate the process of using goal setting as a conduit to breaking the cycle of poverty, lack of education, violence, and hopelessness. Eliyah X. faced many challenges growing up in the inner-city. Determined to beat the odds while carrying the weight of his oldest brother serving nearly 5 years in prison before his eventual release, Eliyah X. desired to be more than what society expected and predicted. Raised in an environment where it is deemed certain that African/Black males will be dead or in jail by 25 years of age, Eliyah’ belief is that he is a product of his expectations and not of his environment. He has the perfect blend of street smarts, book smarts and common sense.

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