…”There are as many secrets about ourselves as there are mysteries in the universe, as they say our thoughts create our own reality, yet very few of us understand the true nature of our thinking. The confusions begins when we THINK that we are the thinker of thoughts, but looking closer at this reveals that the thinker of thoughts is just another thought. Thoughts chasing thoughts chasing thoughts, yet why would you need to tell yourself something you already know? The answer is You don’t! If One looks deep within, thinking is something that occurs outside the field of the limited self, so therefore we are more listener than thinker. So the question is who is whispering in our inner ear? We can recreate music and movies scenes within our mind, and HEAR them very clearly, but does that make that inner voice you hear YOU? The mind is the thing most of us never look deeply into, what is the true source of our thoughts? Looking deeply into the source of our thoughts will reveal this answer, most thoughts are like echos of the past, conditioned reactions brought on by our upbringing. Reactions create most of our thoughts, so are YOU a reaction? If you life has felt like one big reaction, now maybe One can glimpse as to how the mind is unconscious most of the time. For the conscious mind does not react or cling to thoughts, no more then we cling to the wind that blows through the trees or to the noise of freeway traffic, and this act of non-clinging dissolves the unconscious reactive mind. Just let the universe unfold before you, and go with the flow, look closer at those feelings of reactions and resistance, for within that lies the mystery of the cosmos, the unseen influence which eludes the category of labels and words, and that mystery IS continuous with You!” ~Alistar Valadez…
Art by: John Picacio
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