COON ALERT!! Racist is a word/term just invented in the 1940’s by a Russian named Leon Trosky. Hate is an emotion. Humans have emotions triggered by experiences past or contemporary. Racism however differs and is more effective than hatred ..alone…because it exist as a social institution rooted in Government policy and infrastructure. my” Hate” is rooted in a Love for self and kind against the “intergenerational” Hate that created the “justifiable” Hatred I have…not toward every single white person but against The system of Racism and it’s Gatekeepers..whether Black or White. My ideological premise nor those who share similar sentiments. Have NEVER cause whites discrimination in the people activities of law, labor, politics, economics, or academics. They haven’t been hung, shot while unarmed by racist Black Cops..racially profiled etc. This Person also believes in the Bible…well, your book says this in Ecclesiastes: 7:7 “surely a WISE MAN hateth oppression”. in some altered translations it says ” oppression maketh the wise angry”…So I ask then how can you hate the oppression but not the author and perpetuater of oppression? How can you hate the ” Spider webb”…but not the spider that constantly spins the web?… Class Dismissed!!!

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