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We wanted you to know the facts and gods you worship…

Bronze Diana, 3rd Century BC

Artemis is a goddess in Greek mythology. She is one of the Twelve Olympians. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto. She is the twin sister of Apollo. 

Artemis is the goddess of killing, wild animals and the wilderness. 

When Artemis was born she became known as the goddess of the moon. 

Her symbol is widely known as a bow and arrow.

Her Roman name is Diana.

Hera, who was Zeus’s wife, discovered that Leto was pregnant and became very angry. She banned Leto from giving birth on any mainland or island known.

Leto found the island of Delos, which floated and so was not an island or mainland, and gave birth there. Hera then locked up the goddess of childbirth, Eilethyia, so she could not give birth to the twins. Then, all the other goddesses convinced her to let her free so she could finally give birth. Leto gave birth to Artemis without any problem. However she was in labor with Apollo for nine days. Artemis helped Leto to give birth to Apollo.

This is in your bible, Acts 23 – 27

Their idols are silver and gold made by the hands of man.

Take heed Black Nubian Nation worship the LORD (YOURSELVES). Trust in one another. You are the help and shied of one another. Ase

All who make these idols are nothing and the things they treasure are worthless and those that speak up for them are blind, they are ignorant, to their own shame.

He and his kind will be put to shame!

Now listen; ” Black Nubian nation you are the King and Redeemer

You are the LORD ALMIGHTY: You are the first and the last; apart from YOU there is no God!

Who then is like you? Let him proclaim it.

You are my witnesses. Is there any God (Supreme Being) beside you?

NO! There is no other Rock; You know not one.”-

Remember these things, O Jacob Nubian nation), for you are my servant, yes and I am yours. Therefore, let us be true Servants of One another….

The Black Womb (man) made you, you are her Servants, Worship Her, Protect Her, Honor Her, watch over Her Children, for her Children are you.

She will not forget you.

Return to Her she has swept away your offenses (the wrongs you do to her by doing wrong to one another) like a loud, your wrongs like a morning mist.

RETURN TO HER, to Return to HER is to RETURN TO your Nation, your People, your Clan, your Tribe, when you return to the family, you are becoming a strong building, temple, People, able to stand against the wild of the adversaries.

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