Explaining the Term “Red Nigger” – May 2006

Explaining the Term “Red Nigger” – May 2006 What does the term “red nigger” really signify? What groups are racially categorized by this discriminatory term? — Christina Johnson, Big Rapids, Michigan Answer The word nigger is rivaled only by the invective cunt as a term of opprobrium in the United States. Nigger, despite attempts to defang it, remains in many quartersContinue reading “Explaining the Term “Red Nigger” – May 2006″


Forget Viagra. Did you know that marijuana is one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs in the world? When you are high on weed, all your senses are heightened. Physical touch is amplified, massage feels amazing, oral sex feels exquisite…. and orgasms are out of this world. Face it, sex on weed with a stoner youContinue reading “DO YOU SMOKE WEED!”

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