If You Treat a Woman Like a Queen, She’ll Treat You Like a King

Why would anyone avoid this simple premise? Is it the fear of failure and rejection or perhaps, the fear of success and happiness, which are merely opposite sides of the same coin?

What exactly does it mean to treat your lady like a queen? Does it entail opening doors; showering her with gifts; daily compliments; attentive nonjudgmental listening; applauding her career aspirations; reinforcing bff gatherings; acknowledging she’s always right; cleaning the kitchen after meals; bringing home the bacon; refraining from cyber sex; telling her she’s your raison d’etre?

Many of these concepts are interchangeable between sexes and based on individual perception. Following them diligently can conceivably operate as an aphrodisiac and generate a sense of euphoria in your main squeeze.   

Generally speaking, everyone just wants to be loved and to love; honored and cherished; indulged in pleasure and delight; cared for physically, emotionally, psychologically; deemed special, valuable, important; and lucratively linked with a match who gets them and has their back.

Who doesn’t yearn for a soul mate to call your best friend, a sweetheart you can’t exist without, a dearest you pine for after only a few hours apart?

These may sound like straightforward goals but they’re not easy or effortless to achieve. Intimacy producing a meaningful union involves dedication and work, comparable to a 24/7 vocation. Long lasting, fruitful relationships require unconditional giving 99% of the time, without expecting anything in return.

How do you unerringly trust the universe to provide for you and take that leap of faith unreservedly? It depends on how much courage you can muster to extend beyond your comfort zone and protective barriers.

A good barometer is how completely you opt to commit to your paramour. Do you refuse to be monogamous, keeping other prospects in the wings, in case the current flame doesn’t pan out?

Are you substantially insecure to the point that you continue to flirt, addicted to the intrigue, callous to causing hurt feelings in your partner? Are you man/woman enough to fight for the one that tickles your fancy, or are you too cowardly and weak to admit you’re smitten?

Breaking detrimental patterns necessitates making a decision to assume charge of your destiny. Choose to consider your own personal growth and evolvement a priority. Then incorporate steps towards your target, i.e. regarding your woman like a queen so she’ll regard you like a king.

Actions may be as fundamental as saying the three magic words “I Love You,” removing profiles from online dating sites, discarding phone numbers from prior possibilities, bestowing her/him with the key to your hearth, sharing your most confidential trials and tribulations, announcing to the world you’re a couple and you treasure the bond the two of you have developed.

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