About the African People of Love and the Queen’s of Afrika

The African People Of Love is a revolutionary movement that embraces and promotes the concept of an independent and powerful Africa based on equality, justice and a socialist dispensation that makes the quality of life better for the African peoples.

The Movement welcomes all Pan Africanist’s who have a love of the motherland and the interests of the people at heart. The Movement looks at challenging, breaking down and replacing the exploitative Capitalist system driven by mercenary corporations who seek but to plunder the resources of the continent.

The Movement seeks to create people centred systems of economics and politics that the people enjoy and benefit from their own resources and not be plundered by governments that collaborate with Capital to extract wealth from their own people and sell them to the new neo-colonial slave masters.

The Movement needs you as a person of conscience to work towards a new dispensation that will see the lands and wealth in the hands of the people where it truly belongs. As we speak Capital is in crisis and the global meltdown is mute witness and attests to that. They mercilessly extract from, and bleed countries dry, thrusting people into grinding poverty through neo-liberal policies, control of food through GMOs, rampant militarization. The further seek to restructure and control Africa, and the world, through destabilization and regime change of sovereign nations. As a Movement and people of conscience we believe that systemic change needs to happen as a matter of urgency before the continent is impoverished and brought to the brink of war by rogue states posing as liberators and democrats.

The Movement believes that you, as the people, are the key that can open the door to a new dispensation if you awaken and rise enough to hold your governments and their corporate masters to account and remove them if they do not listen to the voice of the people. Governments in general and in Africa in particular are oppressive parasites who enrich themselves and their families this as they cling to power through state apparatus that should be the property of the people. As a Movement we believe that must be changed through people power and a decolonization of politics and political structures and systems. Our governments have become little more than an extension of the colonial project and they must be challenged for this treasonous behaviour patterns that continue the colonial projects with themselves as managers for the same colonial powers that oppressed and plundered the motherland. Colonialism wearing the faces of our people must be brought down and replaced by a people centred state of Socialism wherein the people are the owners of the means of production not mere consumers of it.

As a Movement we call upon you to rise and join us in creating a new world free of oppressors, looters and corporate rapists so that you and your children and their children will be free in the broadest sense.

Africa must be free and its only by joining hands with one another as 1 Afrikan Nation, One Nation under Mother Afrika that we can, together, free her!!

Please join us in the struggle for a true freedom based of equality and justice and the proper ownership and distribution of wealth and resources.

We want the motherland back and you and only you can make that a reality.

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Every drop is the storm and we together will be the storm that will cleanse the motherland of the diseases of racism, exploitation, poverty and war.

mobilise in your country
educate your people
mobilise your people
write to your government
get onto radio
create campaigns
challenge your leaders
challenge the corporations
boycott unjust exploitative corporations
agitate against them
fight them if and when necessary
claim reparations

From the people to the people!

Uhuru now!

Aluta Continua!

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