SLAVERY AND African SPIRITUALITY (Voodoo, Jujube, Bosom and others) Introduction: Is time to get things clear, some brainwashed Africans (Christians and Muslims) always move around singing ” where was Africa Deities when Africans where take in to slavery”? Today, your song has got a reply. Next time you talk about slavery in Africa, make sureContinue reading “SLAVERY AND AFRICAN SPIRITUALITY”

About the African People of Love and the Queen’s of Afrika

The African People Of Love is a revolutionary movement that embraces and promotes the concept of an independent and powerful Africa based on equality, justice and a socialist dispensation that makes the quality of life better for the African peoples. The Movement welcomes all Pan Africanist’s who have a love of the motherland and theContinue reading “About the African People of Love and the Queen’s of Afrika”

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