The African People of Love/Queens of Afrika is reaching out.

RabbloveWe are slowly watching the decline of Black Businesses.. My plan has always been to build a Black Organization where we not only support ourselves but we empower ourselves..

This will be the AFRICAN PEOPLE OF LOVE first time reaching out strictly to Blacks (those of Afrikan Descent) Everywhere, we need the unification of each and everyone that would like to take part in this unification.

This is a Unification of Blacks/Afrikaans/Nubians Globalwide… Zenas soon as we reach our goal of unifying a town or city then I will post live on facebook this town or city showing the outcome of us working together as One Nubian Communities/Nation..it can and will work I’m givin us 1 year to get started and actually do it because it is so needed..We are the change that we are looking for..we can do it..donate 1 dollar or more.. I am not a fraud,scam artist or anything like that.. hold me accountable for all monies donated. and I will take full responsibility for every purchase every cent…I will not touch the money until the goal is reached as soon as we reach our goal I will post live on facebook the cost to run the organization…it’s time Black People… it’s time to build our own..playing yourselfif not we will sit back and watch our whole city dwindle away..we can do it!!!!!!


We need your support, click here and help us help ourselves…..

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