Which Queen Are You?

Find out what type of Queen you are?  Simply answer the following questions tally up you score and read your results. Choose the answer that most represent the way you think or feel.   Your friends would describe you as . . . 1-The Great Debator 2-The Boss 3-The Diva 4-The Explorer 5-The Good FriendContinue reading “Which Queen Are You?”

Nubian Queens Society Growing Gracefully under Life’s Pressures

African Queens AMINA QUEEN Of ZARIA (1588-1589) This queen of Zazzua, a province of Nigeria now known as Zaria, was born around 1533 during the reign of Sarkin (king) Zazzau Nohir. She was probably his granddaughter. Zazzua was one of a number of Hausa city-states which dominated the trans-Saharan trade after the collapse of theContinue reading “Nubian Queens Society Growing Gracefully under Life’s Pressures”

Queens in Power and Beauty

7 African queens amazing in their power and beauty Did Africa have great rulers? It did and most powerful of them were the queens. Meet them now. Everyone who is interested in the African history, for certain wants to learn the facts about African kings and queens. But people know a lot of information aboutContinue reading “Queens in Power and Beauty”

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