Know Who your Sustainer is

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Worship your Sustainer who created you and these beings before you. Who made the earth a resting place for you, and thereby produce fruits for your sustenance:

Who created you looking like herself Ninti: (Ninti is the Sumerian goddess of life, Ninti means ‘Lady of the rib’ or ‘Lady OF Life’Sumerian Princess) and acting like herself. Ninti, a female Amunnaqu and controller of the Sdhimti Laboratory. Put on your shield of protection againat the deceivers.

Many have gone into the world, and yet still many are not yet born. Ninti is the mother of your procreation. And before Zeus, women were recognized as the mother deities. We have males born of females, yet will restrict them. All of the great prophets and leaders came through the canal of a female.

Only in the reptile family do you find a male transfrom to female and female transform to male, by nature’s call. Associate not with the man that respect not the woman.

For even that man was conceived by the woman: The “Mother” simply the “Metter” or “Matter”.

She reflects the light of a properly lit sun in wisdom. She has four periods as the four phases of the moon. The moon as you see has no light of its own, but has madss and does exist in the purest state, darkness before chaos.

Thus, her weakness comes from the man, Darkness is pure and the moon sits in darkness as an assistant to the Earth; Controlling her tides, as the moon, rightly called Luna, has an effect on the mental state on those who lean toward her the lunatic. Let not the sensitivity of the apparent weakness of the woman, alter your state of consciousness, Stay in control.

If the moon cease to pull upon the tides of this planet, it would overheat as the evening comes and be no more. If a man ceases to respond to the whims of a woman or over responds to the emotional changes of a woman, or over responds to the emotional changes of a woman, he too will overheat, transform into a lunatic, and be no more.

Gaia is her name, She has been worshipped; be they agreeable or disagreeable; Bunbuloama, Buto, Ajysyt, Aditi, Hina, Chalchiuhtlicue, Umm Attar, Maat, Nakia, Sibtu, Amaterasu, Asit, Attis, Amphitrite, Ate, Anatiis, jAndarta, Arianrod, Arinna, Kali, Artemis, Artio, Asase Ya, Arduinna, Yemaya, Ua Zit, Ashera, Asiaq, Badb Catha, Athena, Atugan, Audjal, Mother deities; In many tongues a places.

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