What does the word Africa mean

black power

Oh it is Africa
Oh Africa it is my mother land
land of milk and honey
land of natural beauty
Oh Africa land of my roots

Oh Africa is
A land blessed by the Supreme herself
On the day of creation
the Supreme threw diamond like stone
gold like rain
She dropped crude oil like rain
Oh Africa
land of milk and honey

Oh Africa
Guns and bombs, tears and mud
Luxury limos race through blood
But bound by debt to hopelessness
Oh It Is Africa

Overstand that Mother Afrika is not the Land from which you came, but the Womb-man from which you were born, she is the creator of your very being, the breath of life that lives within the temple of your body…

Therefore you are Afrika and no matter where you are there is Afrika…


Eliyah X
CEO of the African People of Love

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  1. K. Jabbar – Knowledge seeker,Dark Matter Consciousness,Esoteric knowledge,Theology,Holistic Health,Cosmology,Metaphysical Mind.
    Kushite Prince

    Great post! And I love the videos. Thanks for uploading this.

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