Tried of slow Internet, live in the AZ area?


Are you in the AZ area?  Do you have Cox Internet services and paying $90 dollars or more for internet?  Is your Internet slow, would you like more than 50mg of speed?

Well let me help you!  You’re paying to much!  However let me tell you a little about the offer I actually have for you.

I want to speed up your internet with Cox fastest speed, the Ultimate (300mg).  With this plan you will be getting High Speed internet 5 times faster than the amount internet of speed you now have. 

Also if you don’t own your own modem I will throw in for FREE the newest panoramic dual-band modem with a faster gigahertz processor and panoramic reception technology with 100% better reception around your entire property.

You won’t only be getting 5 x the amount of internet speed, also we are throwing in a FREE streaming service with 70, 000 shows and 10, 000 movies in HD for your mobile devices, smart TV’s tablets, and all!  Are you familiar with Netflix? Well this works just like that but only this is Netflix on steroids!  It updates every 24 hours with the newest episodes that were aired that day and all the newest movies that were just released constantly updated every day with all the newest content!

This deal is only 18 dollars more than what you’re paying now plus tax (and modem rental if you are renting one).  You will also be getting access to our 500,000 Wi-Fi towers around the nation so you’ll be getting internet everywhere you go instead of just at home.  If you are paying for unlimited data through yo9ur cell phone company then you can go down to the lowest data plan with them and save a bunch of money!

Also your laptops and tables can connect to this Wi-Fi everywhere you go as well!  This is included for free with this deal! Also today this deal comes with 4 other apps for your favorite shows and movies! 

You would download all of these apps onto your smart TVs, tablets, phones and other devices: Cox contour app, HBO GO, Showtime anytime, Max Go, and Starz.  With all of these apps no matter what you were looking for out of five different apps you will be able to watch whatever you want, when you want!  This is the future of TV and we are offering it to you within this deal of speading up your internet.  Also you can watch live TV from your mobile devices as well like football games and all of other shows with 245 Live channels included as well:  Live ESPN, Fox Sports, Disney, Discovery Channel and much more!

The total for all of this is normally $349, but I can offer it to you for $148 out the door after tax and modem rental all included, $138 if you have your own modem!

That is $200 off a month from our normal price with all of these services! And you’re getting 5 X your internet speed. The amount of speed of Internet, all the streaming services with five apps and internet everywhere you go! You will not find a deal like this anywhere else. I will also be giving you a free vocie activated remote box for your TV where you can access all of these streaming services with voice activated search. This will be installed and activated for FREE as well…

This deal isn’t asking for any money out of your pocket at all! Just this small upgrade difference in your bill and also you will see a small pro-ration amount on your first bill for the previous month of services and after that first month, it will be the amount that I told you over the phone $109 on a monthly basis. Let’s save you some money from your cell phone provider charging so much for your data plan and let’s save you money from any TV services that you’re using right now like Netflix and what not, you don’t need to pay for that anymore when we are offering you all of this!

When would you like your install?

I can have you installed as early as the next day after you order.  Anytime between the hours 8 to 10 or 10 to 12,  if you need afternoons I can have the Tech there between 1 to 3 and sometimes 3 to 5. What’s the best time for you?

This deal is a 2 year price lock with only a small 20 dollar upgrade after 12 month. NO CONTRACT!

Email me @ praiseyethelord@netzero.net and I will get back to you asap…

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