APOL is here to Build Excitement Around Our Social Good.

APOL brings community members together to raise awareness about important causes. We ignite passion for ethical enterprises and nonprofits.

The enthusiasm in our workplace is palpable. We are inspired by the opportunity to spark meaningful conversations. This excitement fuels our dynamic promotional events. Our infectious attitudes get people excited and make it possible for the clients we represent to create even more lasting change. The future is brighter because of what we do.

Our peer-to-peer marketing approach provides an on-the-ground presence that helps social change organizations get greater visibility. That’s how we further their missions. AIP solutions are always flexible and innovative. Our expertise and promotional savvy drive our audiences to take action. We stand behind thought leaders who can do even more to change the world.


The APOL Mission,
Powered by Passion

Many social ventures and charitable groups are looking for a better way to amplify their voices.

APOL specializes in doing just that by spreading messages through personal connections. We channel our own passion to engage likeminded individuals on a personal level, rallying enthusiasm for change-inspired missions. Every day, we initiate discussions that raise awareness of great causes like accessible organic foods, childhood healthcare, and more.

The Principles That Motivate Us


At APOL, we don’t just talk. We act. With talent and determination, we achieve measurable change for mission-driven companies and nonprofits.


We know there is power in numbers, so we join forces to foster personal connections in targeted communities. The louder our voice, the bigger our impact for social good.


We’re proud to help those in need. Knowing individual efforts don’t make waves the way a thriving movement can, we’ve come together to affect the greater good in positive ways.


Diversity makes for rich and lasting change. Our promotional specialists bring unique expertise to the group. From psychology to science, multiple perspectives are reflected in our campaigns.

Services for the greater good

We bring together many elements to fulfill our vision.

Get the details.

Thank you for visiting our new Internet site. As an up-to-date foundation, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our Organization and our Officers.

At this point we can provide you with information regarding who we are and what we are about. The emphasis of our site is on unification. This topic is certainly of interest to you if you are of the Afrikan descent.

Fist up in honor of Mother Afrika

African People of Love Organization Charter

The African People of Love (APOL) is a revolutionary global organization dedicated to the uplifting and empowerment of the Afrikan Diaspora. This is where young minds come together, to exchange information and take it back to our communities so that we may grow as a people. We stand on the shoulders of our ancestor and elders in order to liberate black people via mind, body and spirit.

We are an Afrikan Centered organization. We must understand that every part of the continent of Afrika is our culture. The earliest historical documentations, scripts and artifacts are from Great Lakes & River Regions of Afrika to the Nile Valley (Nubia & Kemet).

This organization is founded on the bases that the liberation of African people must be every member’s top priority. THEREFORE, WE DO NOT SUPPORT ANY FORM OF WESTERN RELIGION.

We believe economic and religious enslavement is what has caused the decline of our black civilizations. This can not be tolerated any longer! The APOL represents the generation that is going to stand up and fight back with their actions and not with their rhetoric. Our elders have already done research and put blueprints in place. Our position is that we must put their plans into action NOW.

black power

The global black community is in a state of false contentment and as a people; we are lost and miss-educated about our history and culture. This produces undeveloped Afrikan minds that don’t know who they are and don’t have any connection with the land which gave them life….Afrika. We are continuing the war that Menes started in 4,000 BCE.

The APOL is governed by The Council. The council is set up to symbolize: Truth, Justice Harmony, Balance, Order, Reciprocity and Propriety. We come together to make decisions about the direction of the organization.

As a member of the APOL Organization you are expected to abide by certain guidelines. These guidelines are as follows:

The reason we are in our current situation as a people is because we have failed to come together economically. The revolution does not have to be televised but it must be subsidized. Donations are mandatory! There is no way to move our people forward if we can’t support the cause to liberate our people. No one else is going to do it, so we MUST do this by any means necessary. Donations will be used for gardening, organization administrative functions, conferences, pamphlets and social programs and education curriculum. Each member is expected to donate by the 15th of every month. If you are not able to donate please contact the Council treasurer and explain your current situation. The Council will then make a decision on your situation and discuss other means of fund raising.

Participation: WE need to be active in our communities by putting our words into actions. Participate in the groups, forums ,local and or national conferences. We should focus on keeping our money in our communities. We can do this by supporting and creating black owned businesses.

We should conduct ourselves as follows:


10 Virtues

*Control of thought
*Control of actions
*Steadfastness of purpose
*Identity with the spiritual life or the higher ideals
*Evidence of having a mission in life
*Evidence of a call to spiritual orders
*Freedom from resentment when under the experience of persecution and wrong
*Confidence in the power of the master (as teacher)
*Confidence in ones own ability to learn
*Readiness or preparedness for initiation

“When the people are ready Uhuru (freedom) will appear”

We shall lift our children

The Council


In the meantime you can reach us at 602-585-8491 or by fax at 616-243-8640. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail Click here to email us


If you are not familiar with our family and this is your first contact with us online: We would be pleased to hear from you!

Or Click here to send us an email


In brief, you should know the following about us: our Assembly was established in 2000 and has been responsible for providing outstanding unity and love ever since. Our specialty is in the area of love. Our members value unification.


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Striving for Perfection of the Nubian Nation ... Love for one another is the key to our freedom. For ❤️ will bring Unity and our Unity will bring Change and Our change will bring freedom?


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