FB_IMG_1502030280462 O thou who are enamored with the beauty of the Truth and has fixed thy heart on the simplicity of her charms hold fast thy simplicity of her charms hold fast thy fidelity unto her, and forsake her not: the consistency of thy virtue shall crown thee with honor.  The tongue of the sincere is rooted in the heart, hypocrisy and deceit have no place in their words.

They blush at falsehood and is founded: but in speaking the truth they hath a steady eye.  They supporter supports, as a person, the dignity of their character; to the arts of hypocrisy they scorner to stoop. They are consistent with themselves as an honest being; they are never embarrassed:  they are courage enough to always speak the the truth and they are never afraid.

They are far above the meanness of dissimulation: the words of their mouth are thoughts of their heart.  Yet, with prudence and caution they open their lips: their study what is right and speak with discretion.

They advise with friendship; they reprove with freedom; and whatsoever they promise shall surely be performed. But the heart of the hypocrite is hid in their breast; they make their words in the semblance of truth, while the business of their life is only to deceive.

They laugh in sorrow, they weep in joy; and the words of their mouth have interpretation.  They work in the dark as one who think they are safe; but they blunder into the light and is betrayed and exposed with dirt of their head.

They pass their days in perpetual constraint, their tongue and heart are forever at variance.  They labor for the character of a righteous person and hug themselves in the thoughts of their cunning-nest.

O fool, fool!  The pains which you take to hide what you are, are more thank would make you what you would seem and the Children of Right Wisdom shall mock at your cunning.  When in the midst of security you disguise is stripped off and the finger of derision shall point you to scorn.

there’s nothing like sincerity in everything you do
it lets you know you mean it and what you say is true
it comes from the heart it comes from deep inside
sincerity is real something you cant hide
so if you really mean it let your feelings show
when you are sincere everyone will know.

The African People of Love

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