What It Means to Be an Afrikan Man

11392816_1596398927283475_2856008207895101798_n We need to understand what it means to be a man. We need to understand that once you stand up and declare yourself and African man, you have automatically declared war on Euro-America.

We are not so naive to believe that all wars are fought with weapons. In fact, we are sophisticated enough to understand that as soon as an African man stands up and declares himself to be a man, he has put himself in absolute and immediate opposition to the European system, which has defined him by their definitions as less than a man or as not a man. Furthermore, the reason that it becomes a war is that the Euro- American man has defined his masculinity predicated on the lack of manliness of the African man. So he is a man only because the African is not a man. If the African becomes a man, by this own definition, he automatically loses his manhood.

Let’s look at it. We all a agree that racism is an American phenomenon. We all agree that it is a Euro-American pathology. We all agree that it represents a primitive psychopathic from of thought when you judge and evaluate the totality of a human being’s capability based upon a quality of skin pigmentation. You know that’s pathological. African people never evaluated people that way. That’s why in the past when people came to Africa from all over the world, we said, “Come on in.” The native Americans opened the door and said, “Come on in, funny looking people. You smell funny, you look funny, but take the Indians ever made. But they had a deeper understanding of hum an nature than the strange, savage people who were coming in to take their land. They miscalculated them because they had never run into any human phenomenon like this: people who walk into your house and stake a claim on it. “Ah, I’ve discovered your home.” The i9ndians said, “Look, you’re my quest. Come on in. we’re going to grow a little maize and kill a few turkeys so that you can live through this winter. We know you aren’t used to this stuff. Let us show you how to live. You’ll be a guest in our house. Just treat us the same as we treat you.” They said, “All right, we’ll treat you nicely.” The next thing the native Americans know, the Europeans had raped the women, killed the children, then went back and killed the women and then killed the men and declared them “savages.” They said the Indians needed to be dead because they were nothing but barbarian savages who did not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ with blond hair who died on the cross for white people. Do not accuse me of saying bad things about Euro-Americans. I am reciting and repeating their history, which they boast about. I grew up being indoctrinated by John Wayne and somehow believed that he was right killing these folks who hadn’t done anything to him.

Racism is a strange phenomenon that blocks human opportunity, that destroys human potential, that is predicated on the destruction of people of the basis of physical racial characteristics. That phenomenon is a Euro-American phenomenon of the worst kind and what does it do? Even though it teaches the inferiority of non-Caucasian people., it has a much more important logical source. You must understand white superiority. Let us understand white supremacy is done on the basis of a group of insecure people trying to grab their own questionable self-esteem and raise it to a level at which they can begin to justify their own questionable authenticity on the stage of human progress. It is necessary for them to somehow define themselves as superior on the basis of somebody else inferiority. In order to do it, they had to distort history, they had to distort records, they had to go out and wipe out the signs of the greatness of our history.

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  1. St_Mutua – Afro-optimist | Realist | Satirist | Bibliophile. The pen is mightier than the sword.
    Marshall Mutua

    That’s why we should be Africans, take pride in it and do sth about indoctrination + brainwas

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