Building Proposal for Phoenix & Glendale, AZ




Our Moto is Global Afrikan/Black & Brown Unification thru Love


1628 Francis Av. S E Grand Rapids, MI  49507

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Building Specifies:


This proposal is for the African People of Love (APOL) National Church

A Global (Afrikan/Black & Brown) Unification Organization


We are making a proposal to secure a space that will allow us to establish a based educational & entertainment Center, which shall be use for unifying and building love relationships between the Youth and Elders of Phoenix, Glendale AZ, we are a Non-Profit Organization, that desires to revitalize the rich Afrikan Heritage, that has been lost, stolen or never known.


As a Community, based Center, we will offer a Martial Arts Program on a trial basis for Thirteen weeks.  There would be four different classes offered, these classes would be Adult Tai Chi, Wolf Pak for Children, Sparring for yellow belts and Wisdom’s of the Art for all ages. This class is taught by Our Martial Arts Instructor Sister Fundi Fe.


We will also be offering Traditional Afrikan dancing and Drum Classes, our teachers pride themselves in teaching Traditional Afrikan Culture thru motion.  This educational art form is taught thru traditional dance, drums, song and spirit. 


The classes are set up for a combination of one to two hour increments. 


They begin with:

  1. Community circle (this consist of exchanging of names).
  2. Afrikan history (about the particular rhythm for the day).
  3. Warm-up, exercise pertaining to the dance
  4. Interactive dance instruction.
  5. Cool-down
  6. Close-out (including announcements)


The class is taught in traditional clothing of the African Culture. The songs are taught in the traditional language.  This is a revival for the respect to the village (your community). 


Our goal is to unite and enhance the respect for all ethnicities and we can only do that by learning to respect one another.  Our interaction creates life long bonds that unite the community thru the love of the Culture and the heartbeat of the drums.  This social art form of dance is a fun way to exercise that builds self esteem and enriches their life with the knowledge of traditions that have been passed down, they will be held by _________________________. 


We also promote and teach love and unity thru the Scriptures, baptizing (teaching) them in the name of love, the living love with and thru the holy character of love.  Our place is a place for those who are serious about living in Love and Truth with one another.  Our studies are not given to condemn anyone nor have they been written to promote the organization or some denomination.


A gymnasium is preferred, about the size of a dance studio or an area that can be built to suite or a room with a wooden floor (the class are taught in bare feet).  The room should be large enough to accommodate twenty plus students and three to six drum troop members (50×60 ft minimal).


It must be an area where sound is not a problem (we dance to live drums).


Handicap accessible facilities, that we may welcome community fellowship that unites neighbors in Love.


We must United as One People; it is only thru our coming together as ONE will we be able to free all.  Let us Unity Now!  Let us stand as one!  Will we be hearing from you or will you sit back and just talk Unity? 

Let us see if you are ready to Unite.  You can contact us by phone or email. You may also visit our site @: www.africanpeopleoflove.wordpress.com


Yours truly,

 CEO/Eliyah X.


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