My Proposal is to be a Published Thesis Framework as of 630PM Today is based on this statement – The harm done to our African ancestors, who became African Americans in 1868 [14th Amendment to the United States Constitution], led us to being 60 million human beings who as living in the United States of America annual earning is over 850 Billion in United States of America Dollars [USD] with our businesses earning $120 B USD an our institutions and places of faith $30B USD.

ACTIONS In this plan we are asking the United States Government address the need of main street not just wall street through the actions in this document.

That would have the potential of creating over 5 million living wage FULL TIME JOBS within 7 years.

It would put $20 B USD in 15 states.

It would create a million partners of FAU Global Solutions Group in our patent pool to create the infrastructure to erase the digital divide for the African Union and its people. Through the Minority Business Development Agency, Small Business Development Agency, the Global Coalition for Change and others we would create a program to invest at least $250,000 USD in each joint venture.

We look to buy and or build 7 million new Nati STEM+10 based American households through 2020. It will be based on the Cincinnati Change plan of action as being implemented starting 1 August 2014. In this plan each household would have $100,000 USD invested in it to do a variety of things but first of which is creating the company foundation, its trust and its company.

The foundation will work with the FAU Foundation so as to raise up the children, care for the old and support the aspirations of the family.

The trust will work with FAU Global Solutions Group to create private sector revenue from family Intellectual Property in line with our patent pool driven by our licensee in the African Union with USPTO 5,577,042.

Each house shall be a small office home office [SOHO] which supports students from preschool through graduate school and or apprenticeship in trades as long as 7 years – through 2027. This program would only goto houses that are lead and environmentally safe and clean through tests to be administrated by experts.


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