Here’s How to Treat Your Wife Like a Queen


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The home of every married couple needs a king and a queen. You are the royalty that resides within your home; a home with one King, one Queen, and possibly some little princes and princesses. Your home is your place of sanctuary. It is your castle.

Now, every king should take good care of his queen, just as every queen should take good care of her king. How do you do this? What does this picture look like?

This picture will be different for every couple. That’s the beauty; the picture you paint is uniquely yours. By treating her as your queen, you hold the brush, the paints, and the strokes of this masterpiece. Make no mistake; she is a queen regardless of your treatment. However, the masterpiece you are creating together in your home is beautiful sight when each person is doing their part.

So King, I encourage you to paint a masterpiece with many colors. Find out what allows her to experience being your queen. Is it the:

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  • affectionate way you speak to her?
  • small things that you do?
  • financial security you help to provide?
  • way you build her up and make her feel like she can do anything?
  • way you make her feel like no other woman exists beside her?
  • way you protect her against all outside forces?
  • small things you remember with her best interest at heart?
  • perfect combination of all of the above? Each of your expressions of love paints something on the canvas of her heart.

Please know what you are painting on her heart. Dig deep, figure out what she values from you. Don’t stop digging; she is an endless well of beauty, grace, power, and strength.

If flowers are not her thing, what is her thing? What size dress does she wear? Is she included in making all financial decisions? Does she receive, “I’m thinking of you gifts” or is she only thought of in this manner on holidays and special occasions?

These are questions to get your thoughts moving. For a portion of the male population these things come naturally. For the other portion it has to be an on purpose effort until it becomes more natural. If it means something to her, it should mean something to you.

She is your queen. It is a position of honor and royalty. Find out what that means to her and then execute on what you find.

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