BREAKING: ISIS Released “Kill List”

BREAKING: ISIS Released “Kill List” Just Minutes Ago, 13 States That Are Being Targetted

Computer hackers who work for the Islamic State Group recently released a report with a “kill list” this week that includes names, addresses, and email addresses of 24,439 Americans. Sadly, there is a chance that you, your friends, and your family could be on the list. No one is currently safe.

Out of the people on the kill list who live within the borders of the United States of America, 2,324 had addresses in Texas, 3,389 had homes in Florida, and that wasn’t it. Here is the full breakdown for the “kill list:”

  1. Texas = 2,324
  2. Florida = 3,389
  3. Alabama = 2,304
  4. Missouri = 1,487
  5. Louisiana = 879
  6. Arkansas = 498
  7. Mississippi = 842
  8. Tennessee = 1,789
  9. Kentucky = 334
  10. Virginia = 3,982
  11. North Carolina = 1,247
  12. South Carolina = 1,897
  13. Georgia = 3,467

The numbers report was done by Vocativ and has been verified for accuracy. However, there isn’t any additional information that may give information about who the people on the lists actually are. At this point, the only thing known is that ISIS is targeting the Americans in these 13 different American states.

Furthermore, according to the United Cyber Caliphate, the list targets mostly police officers and state officials that may be involved in government or bureaucratic positions. The remaining targets on the list were from Americans living overseas in countries like Canada, Australia, France, Greece, and South Korea.

The Muslim hackers encouraged the “killers” to “take revenge for Allah and the blood shed against Islam for unbelievers.” As you can see, it includes some very offensive, sick and twisted words and sentences.

Still, even the simple fact that the United Cyber Caliphate would move to post a huge list that includes names of innocent Americans is twisted in it of itself. Bottom line, the Islamic and Muslim extremists aren’t just a “JV” team like Obama loved to put it just a few days ago.

It is sad that our current administration continues to neglect the safety and needs of Americans. Instead, Obama and his camp (which includes Hillary Clinton) insist on taking away more and more American values and freedoms to “protect us.” In the end, all they are doing is pressing their liberal agenda.

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