“Resurrecting Black Wall Street: The Blueprint,by Dr. Boyce Chicago.

Hello, I hope you’re doing well.


For those who are interested, we are doing the world premiere of our new film, “Resurrecting Black Wall Street: The Blueprint,” by award-winning director Dorian Chandler, TODAY in Chicago.  You can buy tickets at DrBoyceChicago.com.


Before I go on stage to speak during stops on our Black Economic Empowerment Tour, I take a second to channel energy from my late grandmother Felicia.  My grandmother was the first person to introduce me to wealth-building, intelligent financial decisions, compound interest and all areas related to money.


Without her, I would not be a Finance professor today.


It was my grandmother’s contribution that taught me the influence that our elders can have on our worldview, and how an intelligent parent or grandparent can literally change the entire trajectory of a child’s life.  But not only do you change the life of that child, you’re changing the lives of everyone with whom that child interacts.


I speak to over 200,000 black people every single day, and my grandmother’s influence is a large part of what shapes my global mission.



I wanted to also remind you that we have just a couple more days on the 46% off sale on our Black Millionaires of Tomorrow wealth building program for children.  The program price was already cut by 25%, and we’re adding another 21% discount on top of that.  So, it’s a discount on top of a discount, for this week only.


After completing this program, your child will know the following (among other things):


1) The difference between good and bad debt

2) The COST model of Cooperative Economics

3) The difference between a producer and a consumer

4) How to buy their first share of stock

5) Why it’s best to think like an investor

6) How the stock market works

7) The definition of an asset class

Much, much more.


The 3-in-1 package, which is on sale for 46% off the total value for this week only, has three courses, with three modules each, with each module having powerpoint slides and a self-study examination to ensure that your child has mastered all of the core concepts.



By the time your child completes the program, he/she will have a financial literacy level that exceeds the average college senior.   The course also comes with a 30-day, 100%, money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever.  So, there is absolutely no risk to you.


You can take advantage of this exclusive, limited-time offer by visiting this link. 


Until we meet again, please stay strong, be blessed and be educated.



Dr Boyce Watkins

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