City of Flint advising pregnant women not to drink the water.


Last summer I returned home from the hospital, having lost my twins in a miscarriage, to find a note from the city of Flint advising pregnant women not to drink the water.

Now my 7-year-old son, Jaylon (pictured right), and 16-year-old daughter, Nashauna, test positive for lead poisoning. My children – all of our children – deserve a healthy and hopeful future.

On Thursday, March 17th, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder will stand before before U.S. Congress and testify that he is working to repair Flint. Yet we know that he has presented a state budget to the House and Senate that dramatically shortchanges the rebuilding of our community.

Families and clergy with PICO federation, Michigan Faith in Action, and the Flint Rising coalition will also be filling the Congressional hearing room tomorrow morning – making it clear that Gov. Snyder’s inaction is costing our families our health, our welfare and our lives.

Help our families get the justice we deserve today: Stand with me in demanding that Gov. Snyder and our state legislators craft a budget that puts rebuilding our infrastructure, and protecting our health and our futures first.

Since taking office in 2010 Gov. Snyder has blatantly divested from our primarily poor, Black, and immigrant community. He stripped us of our democracy with the installment of an Emergency Manager, not elected by or accountable to our families. Then placing profit over people, our water source was switched and was not treated properly.

Now, while Gov. Snyder waits, our children continue to be irreparably poisoned, our families grapple with skin rashes, hair falling out, missed days of school and work, and our mothers suffer heightened rates of miscarriages.

Will you stand with us to demand justice for our families today?


This means repaying 100% of what residents paid for toxic water since 2014. It means replacing our water pipes all the way into our homes and businesses – training and employing Flint residents to complete the work. And it means providing the systematic, accessible and free health screenings, blood tests and educational support necessary to help our children and families deal with the impacts of lead and heavy metal toxins now and in the future.

For too long, our voices in Flint have been ignored. Stand with us today to end that.



Nakiya Wakes
Flint mother
Michigan Faith in Action community leader
A federation of PICO National Network
and part of the Flint Rising coalition

PS – There’s still time to join us on social media! Join our Thunderclap tonight, andtomorrow morning our message to Governor Snyder about putting our families first will be broadcast in unison over hundreds of our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We’re also replacing our Facebook profile photos with this picture (right), which can be downloaded here.





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