When black people control economic power, they will be free!



Zuma says

SA’s freedom would only be complete when economic power was in black hands, President Jacob Zuma told the National House of Traditional Leaders on Thursday.

Mr Zuma returned to a familiar theme, saying it was land dispossession that caused the grinding poverty in black settlements and communities.

Diverting from his prepared text, Mr Zuma told the traditional leaders that they were not in control of the economy, meaning that SA’s freedom was not complete. He said he, unapologetically, felt very strongly about the land question and that more needed to be done to solve the problem.

Mr Zuma said during the debate of his address to the House last year that a lot of time was spent discussing the negative effects land dispossession has had on the lives of black people in SA.

“The dispossession of our land is the source of the poverty and inequality, which have become the ugly hallmark of our nation and an impediment to a future of shared prosperity,” he said.

He again chided traditional leaders and urged them to join their efforts in claiming land —that was taken away — on behalf of the communities they lead, rather than lodging competing claims.

“I have been informed that some work in this regard has started, championed by the National House of Traditional Leaders.

“I strongly believe that access to land and security of land tenure are key to development, especially agricultural development. Land reform lies at the centre of government’s efforts to bring about inclusive economic development. It is at the centre of the NDP (National Development Plan)”.

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