TheTruth wrote:

While it is true that black people hate white people, you blacks may be surprised to learn that blacks are universally hated, all around the world. Of course many of each race may hate another race — some whites hate Hispanics, some Asians hate Jews — but it true that all races are united in hatred of the black.
Now, think to yourself, when have you seen Asians like blacks? Wish for more blacks in their countries? When have you seen a Middle Easterner wish for the African to be more respected? Never. That is because all the world hates black people. You are the lowest race on the ladder.
Africa is universally hated, because it produces nothing and requires international aid to survive. A pity. South America certainly hates blacks; and of course blacks are not allowed in Asia. If you are uncertain whether blacks are hated in the Middle East, consider the harm that came to them in Libya. Know any Jewish blacks? No — because they aren’t allowed in the religion, much less are they respected by the race. We all know whites hate blacks. But this is about all the other races, being united against the blacks… Hispanics, even American Latinos, hate the blacks; their gangs oppose them. Blacks just cannot catch a break!
Blacks are simply hated by all races, and that is a fact. I am not trolling — and it is not your fault. You simply are a globally hated organism, much like certain insects! I’m sorry.



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  1. The number one enemy of black people is the black man.

    Although black males are only 6 percent of the US population, they commit 60 percent of the violent crimes against all other races but especially against blacks in their own hoods.

    The black male goes to prison, gets diseases, then brings them back to the hood to infect their black mamas and black sistahs. Then they pimp out their mamas and sistahs and daughtahs for cash. That’s just how the black males roll as sick mofos.

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