Help us help our People, support the African People of Love


The African People of Love and others are working on opening an Achievement Center Youth Program. In this Program, 6 young people with different talents from different back grounds will be recruited and trained in the subjects of: AFRICAN HISTORY, DRUG EDUCATION, TECHNOLOGY, YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS and BASIC MORAL CODES. These Facilitators will go into the communities and schools, developing skills and empowering youth to better their lives, embrace education, believe in themselves and reduce drug abuse.
Drug Education Workshops
Drug Education is about teaching our youth about different kinds of drugs and the impact that drugs have on our bodies and minds. Making them realise that the negative impact is greater than they think. And ways to eliminated drugs in communities and making their communities safer.
Math Program
The Math program will be initiated by Black volunteer Teachers in collaboration with the African People of Love Youth Program and the Personal Achievement Centre. It will also have sponsorship from our Afrikan Communities and willing companies. A full classroom of computers will be set up as a pilot project.
Vegetable Planting
This is a project that involved our youth and elders within our communities. A bag of seed and equipment will be given to communities. The challenge to grow the Vegetables and then exchange them or sell them to a company in return for whatever the center needs. The Youth center would like to receive art equipment in exchange for the Vegetables they have grown from Community property developments.

Radio Station
The team goes to the Radio Station to reach people that they can’t reach directly. They talk about different topics which affect the youth and their community as a whole.

Prison Project
The group will be working with different prisons, to empower prisoners to change their life and bring about change in the prisons. The APOL take the youth and other APOL members to the Arizona prisons to show the youth what a life with crime does.

The Facilitators of the programme have a passion for assisting others, through sports, to become more aware and able in their environments and so lead happier lives.

Youth Leadership Week
The team have a Youth Leadership week, where they give back more than 65 minutes of their time to helping the community. They will help to cook for older citizens and take the dinners to our Elders home and have a workshop about moral codes and choices.

These are just some of the things the African People of Love have planned for 2018. 2018 is the uprising of the Afrikan Nation. Will you join us in bringing New Black Order???

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