You can be the solution to the Black community.

You can be the solution to the Black community. You can stand up and choose which businesses will get your dollars and which businesses will not.

You can choose to impose economic sanctions as your most powerful statement for empowerment and against the injustice against Black people in America. Without mincing words, we are stating that this is the only way to live the legacy.

This year if you are going to march, march with your plan of action to identify and switch to spending with Black owned businesses. Then every day after, march into Black owned businesses, banks, and institutions. March in with love, good intentions, positivity, your wallet, and your credit cards. Don’t worry if the ambiance isn’t the nicest or it’s not located in the fanciest part of town.

Don’t look at the business today. Look at the business it will be when you do your part. Then, just like the Chinese, Latinos, and Indians, and Europeans, we will watch our most meager stores grow and expand into thriving hubs for jobs, resources, family stability, and community stability right before our eyes, once we have committed reinforcing them.

Then, through the creation of jobs and community stability, young people can regain faith in adults and elders. That faith and respect will come because you have risen up to put an end to the cycle of young people having to hustle or beg for jobs and livelihood outside of the Black community.

You will change the empty statement “you can be anything you want to be” into an inspiring reality for every Black youth in America. When it’s your time to go, you can then leave this planet, a part of the legacy of empowerment our children can build upon.

Young people all over the country are mobilizing against terrorism, brutality, racism, and injustice. It doesn’t work if the only option after the protests are jobs in someone else’s corporate America. Adults and elders will be the solution of empowerment for our babies, children, teens, and young adults who will be empowered solution for the next generation.

It doesn’t start with Black-owned factories, distributors, utility companies, and conglomerates appearing out of thin air, tomorrow. It doesn’t start with waiting for the Black celebrities, politicians, the rich, or houses of worship to do something different.

It doesn’t start with the $1.2 trillion in collective buying power. It all starts, with you, today and your income alone. It starts with only the dollars that come into your hands and household…

You Can Do Your Part on a Personal Level in the Movement to Empower Ourselves and Our Communities.


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