How do you feel about Marijunana?

True fact: most people who are against marijuana has never tried it. So take your after school, anti-marijunana bullshit somewhere else. Already, many states have legalized it for medicinal or recreational use. It’s been proven that by 2020, almost all states in North America will have it legalized in some manner. If people can openly glorify and use tobacco and alcohol, the fucking same can be done with marijuana. The same restrictions and regulations can put on it, just as if it were alcohol or cigarettes being bought. Marijuana, right now alone, is a $13 billion dollar industry that has a demand. Just think how much Americans spend on marijuana that they get from their dealer. I bet that would be another couple millions, perhaps billion if those were all legal, and regulated purchases. The economical benefits alone should be enough to legalized just about anywhere. The first month Colorado made it legal for both medicinal and recreational, they made more than a few million in tax revenue. How they explained the economics in this video is spot on, and that is something you can’t just ignore only because you’re “against” marijuana. The marijuana industry could greatly help our country’s economy and the people that reside in it as well.


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