I’m on a crusade to liberate the conscious community from the destruction of itself.

I’m on a crusade to liberate the conscious community from the destruction of itself. I grow tired of seeing a “conscious community” argue over who’s more conscious, who’s a coon, who’s to be trusted. Here’s the truth. Our history is more vast than any of us know. Some of us may have come from Israel, some may have come from Africa. Truth is, we don’t know because our history was lost to us. What we do know is that BLACK PEOPLE TODAY, all over the world, are being persecuted by a system designed to keep us inferior to the rest of society. We play into that system because we stand too divided to invoke real change. We break ourselves down into so many sub categories, eventually we end up standing alone. Whats conscious about our community if we allow portions of our people continue to be persecuted because they don’t share the same ideologies as you. So the black muslim stands alone because he prays to ALLAH instead of Heru? The black Christian doesn’t have any valuable insight to the movement because he believes that Jesus Christ is real? The gay dude ain’t strong enough to fight beside you because who he chooses to share is bed with? The Rich black lady’s money aint good to the movement because she doesn’t know the struggles of being poor and Struggling? I’m not saying we all have to be in agreement with our ideologies or beliefs in order to see change, because some of these things listed I myself would NEVER be in agreement with. What I’m saying is we that AGREE that the system is corrupt and needs to change and are willing and able to effect change in whatever capacity they can should not be divided by our ideologies, but united by the need for change. Everything else can sort itself out once we have unitedly conquered that. If you can’t see that, then you aren’t as “conscious” as you’d like to believe. You are just a tool of a corrupt system trying to divide our great numbers by distancing yourself from and elevating yourself above the station of your brothers and sisters through ideologies and self importance. We are all being persecuted. Despite what we believe, but because of our melanin.


Percy Hayes


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