Why is it family that whenever it is said by one of our family members “”THE BLACK WOMBMAN IS GOD”, Why is it that the MEN the bruhs the fellas get upset the most? It is the men of today that have taken on this really sensitive irritated femalish kind of aura in society, which has made him so prone to attack the BLACK WOMBMAN so fast with so much negative energy, it’s beyond sad.

If you ask me, it’s due to that man feeling LEFT OUT and he now feels replaced by that WOMBMAN. So now she can’t be GOD In his eyes, no, now she has to be a hoe, a b%‪#‎Ch‬, a low down good for nothing baby maker…regardless of the fact that THAT BLACK MAN came through HER WOMB to bring him forth into life. Also, if we as a people stop thinking religiously, stop thinking on a spooky level and apply the concept of the duties and roles of what a GOD is, then one can easily say that THE BLACK WOMBMAN IS GOD because she is the mother and SUSTAINER of us ALL.

Also family, WE HAVE TO GET BACK TO A MATRIARCHAL SYSTEM AND REMEMBER OUR GREAT WOMBMAN AND NEVER MISPLACE HER AGAIN BY LIVING WITHIN A PATRIARCHAL SYSTEM. REMEMBER THAT WOMBMAN. We all grew up with the teachings of the MAN being GOD with NO kind of honor and dignity and divinity granted unto THAT female counterpart.

NOW for my sistas you have to hear this. When someone like myself or myself even better, when we say to the world, to you sistas, THE BLACK WOMBMAN IS GOD, you have to want to embrace that concept into your own cognition. You have to get that mind in check because the mind gets your movements in check! Many will claim that the GOD concept with the BLACK WOMBMAN IS mythos and false teachings, but hear me and hear me WELL, IF THE MINDSET OF THE BLACK WOMBMAN IS WARPPED AND DISTORTED, THEN HOW CAN WE AS BLACK PEOPLE EXPECT THE RISE OF A POWERFUL BLACK NATION? As mother, she is the first teacher, hell she is the MASTER teacher of NATIONS, whether or not the NATION goes left or right it all depends on the direction of the MASTER TEACHER the WOMBMAN. If the nation is sick, it’s because they we lead by sick wombmen. If the nation is well, it’s because they were led by powerful wombmen.

So honor that BLACK WOMBMAN, hail that BLACK WOMBMAN, lift that BLACK WOMBMAN back to her position of power, RESTORE that BLACK WOMBMAN to the throne of MA’AT…BUT BLACK WOMBMAN, we need you to be the ones to get it together and lead this pack!!!



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  1. We kind of forget that us men carry the seed and choose where to plant it. Masculine energy = feminine energy. Woman takes everything the man gives her and cultivate it exponentially, as the Earth does. Woman and man together makes God

  2. Are there any case reports of virgin births in the medical literature? Sort of. According to a 1995 report in the journal Nature Genetics, a mother brought her infant boy to the doctor after noticing that his head was developing abnormally. When doctors analyzed his blood, they found something truly bizarre: Despite his anatomically male features, the boy’s blood cells were entirely female, consisting only of genetic material from his mother. Some of his other cells—such as those found in his urine—were normal, consisting of a combination of both maternal and paternal DNA. No one knows exactly how this occurred, but the best guess is that immediately after being fertilized, one of his mother’s eggs fused with a neighboring unfertilized egg that was dividing parthogenetically. This gave rise to a boy who was considered half-parthenogenetic, since approximately half of his cells were derived from a “faux” conception, containing no remnants of his father’s DNA

  3. Confusion of gender titles is the lead disorder in the mind of people a wombman is female so the proper Divine title for this feminine energy in European terms is goddess to God which is a title for the Divine masculine energy so no the black wombman is not god she is goddess but patriarchic societies tend to deny the Divine feminine energy of the universe so ur semetic religions (judaisms, Christianity, Islam) cut her out of the story

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