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Abraham’s Family Tree and a Visual Graph Of Haplogroup “E” and The Formation Of The Ancient Israelite Nation:

For the UN-Learned, Let me first state for the record: When you have and believe that the Curses in Torah fit The Negroes or so-called African Americans that went back into slavery BY WAY OF SLAVE SHIPS (Deuteronomy 28:68) You don’t need the actual DNA of Jacob, Isaac or Abraham because those people, who you so-called believe to be ISRAELITES HAD A Y-DNA HAPLOTYPE; they weren’t ghosts walking around, They were flesh and bones and ALL MEN have a Y-DNA Haplotype! The Torah spells out in great detail What this DNA Tree Illustrates. It’s called LOGICAL SEQUENCING and LOGICAL CONCLUSION, But truthfully, It’s plain COMMON SENSE; A person of average intelligence can put this chart together because IT’S LAID OUT FOR YOU IN TORAH by the same MOST HIGH GOD you claim and profess to believe in but somehow doubt HIS DNA Coding Of The Children of Israel who HE chose above all Nations??? How does THAT work exactly?, starting with The Slaves who were on those Slave Ships. And Their Y-DNA Has been identified as E1B1A, Start From there, go back to TORAH and let it tell you which men those slaves DESCENDED from and MATCH THE HAPLOGROUPS APPROPRIATELY, THIS ISN’T CHINESE MATH!!! The spirit of Ignorance is only prevalent if you feed it and desire to remain in that state. The Slaves on those ships who’s DNA is E1B1A, are The “Lost Sheep” of Israel, OBVIOUSLY and clearly are the SEEDS OF JACOB, as such, If their DNA is E1B1A, Then OBVIOUSLY, and logically, Jacob’s DNA HAD to be E1B1A as well! You can’t have one without the other, It’s common sense, and not hard to tie together at all. Either you believe, or you don’t it’s really as simple as that.

It’s truly a shame that more Israelites can’t seem to grasp how The Torah gives us a Genetic Breakdown of our Bloodline (In Y-DNA Haplogroups) of who is who and how Israel was formed (Via Abraham and Haplogroup “E”. Later in the week, I will post the research of a DNA Company/organization that verifies and validates My research and Genetic Findings to the letter of The E1B1A (Negroes), Hallelujah!!! THE MOST HIGH created Man and HE and He alone owns our Special Genetic Coding inside our Blood, NOT SCIENCE!!!, Again, This is why No other race or Nation of people on this planet possesses the DNA (E1B1A) of The Children of Israel! Comprehensive Breakdown of Haplogroup “E” Part 2:

Many have come here and gotten angry with me at what THEIR Y-DNA reveals. Your DNA like I’ve said a million times cannot and will not LIE (Only unscrupulous men do that!), nor will it tell you what you WANT to hear, It will reveal YOUR TRUTH, whatever it is. There are a WHOLE LOT of people walking around who LOOK LIKE Negroes and are claiming to be an Israelite, But their DNA has been exposing them to be something else, and they don’t want to accept that! Then they start trying to discredit the Genetic/DNA Teachings, Which is hilarious, because THE MOST HIGH is the architect of our DNA and NO MAN can dispute or refute it. But it’s not about what you want or don’t want to accept though. Your DNA will reveal with 100% accuracy what your Y-DNA Haplotype is and which Nation/Bloodline you come from. I get it, a LOT of you have either THOUGHT, Claimed or would like to be an Israelite By Blood Lineage (Never mind you still being able to SOJOURN for THE MOST HIGH to consider you like us) But either you possess the E1B1A, Y-DNA of Jacob or you don’t. If you don’t? YOU ARE NOT AN ISRAELITE, It’s as simple as that and it’s of no consequence who believes that or who doesn’t, It’s the 100% unadulterated, Genetic TRUTH and nothing or nobody can do anything about it. Here’s a brief re-cap of Abraham’s Family Tree:

Haplogroup E1- You won’t find anyone on the planet with this Haplogroup because it belongs to Abraham (The father of many Nations)

Haplogroup E1A- This Haplogroup belongs to ISHMAEL, Abraham’s 1st Born Son. If This is your Y-DNA, You are a descendant of ISHMAEL. Semitic still, but not of the covenant seed, that goes through Isaac. You can get mad, yell, cuss and scream all you want, but that is YOUR TRUTH if you test positive for this Haplogroup.

Haplogroup E1B- This Haplogroup belongs to ISAAC, Abraham’s son by Sarah and who THE MOST HIGH’S Covenant is with. This Haplogroup is literally the start of The Israelite Nation. He passed this Haplogroup on to both his sons (Jacob and Esau) but THE MOST HIGH separated/split The Nations/Bloodlines in the womb of Rebekka for continuity sake, Because there would be no way for US to know who the Children of The Promise were if our DNA was the same as the descendants of Esau (Think about it) That would be extremely confusing, But THE MOST HIGH was well ahead of us all on this! So HE split the Y-DNA of the 2 brothers and made them into 2 separate Nations. (Genesis 25:23)

Haplogroup E1B1A- This Haplogroup belongs to Jacob (Israel) and is literally the birth of The Israelite Nation. Jacob is only one man, so ALL OF HIS SEEDS will have E1B1A in their Y-DNA Haplotype (sub groups), No ifs, ands or buts about it. All 12 of His sons and you have to factor in Ephraim and Manasseh because they were grafted into The House of Joseph (making it 14 total Tribes!) So all of the descendants of The 14 Tribes of Israel belong to one of 14 E1B1A Y-DNA Haplogroups, These are “Negroes” and your TRUE Israelites walking around all over the planet today!

Haplogroup E1B1B- This Haplogroup is actually a Hamitic Line (Belonging to Ethiopians, Egyptians, Africans and Libyans), But the seeds of Esau defaulted to this Haplogroup as well, Why? I honestly can’t answer that, Only THE MOST HIGH can, But we know this to be true because a lot of the Sephardic “Jews”, Adolf Hitler, Ashkenazi “Jews”, etc….Possess this Y-DNA Haplotype….They have been lying to the world that this Haplogroup is “Jewish” when in reality The seeds of EDOM defaulted to it and E1B1A is the REAL “Jewish” Haplogroup, But they’ve been lying saying that E1B1A is Hamitic, yeah right, that’s a COMPLETE JOKE! don’t be fooled! You can’t get any more EDOM than Adolph Hitler. I have labored hard and diligently, to continue to bring you all this TRUTH when some days I’ve felt like saying to hell with it, But I can’t and I won’t do that no matter how many devils come my way! Please LIKE AND SHARE Nation, ALL PRAISE, HONOR AND GLORY IS DUE AHAYAH, THE MOST HIGH GOD OF YISRAEL FOREVER!!! Shalom….

Dr. Yehoshua Ben Ephraim
Genealogy Reckoned (1 Chronicles 9:1)
Y-DNA Haplotype: E1B1A1a1F1A1
Tribe of Ephraim (House of Joseph)

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  1. […] not go into other reasons why I think E1b1a is the Y-DNA haplogroup of Israel. I will refer you to Dr. Yehoshua Ben Ephraim who has been writing on the subject for some time now. I will point out however that this […]

  2. Raphael

    My haplogroup is e1b1b1a2 according to gedmatch and e1b1b1a according to wegene. What does this mean?

  3. rbgblackpower

    I think for the most part, they might possibly be the line of Esau through his Ishmaelite wife. They are different from the line through Esau’s horite wife that we see in North Africa. I focused more on North Africa because there is better documentation of their history and so easier to track.The role of Edom in North Africa is more visible which makes their DNA more obvious to me

  4. Michelle Gentry

    I love your Facebook page

  5. I am E1b1a through my father, we descend from a common ancestor with Ramses the 3rd. So I guess his father or a grandfather/great grandfather was at least partly Israelite also?.

    what I would like to know is if you are E1b1a then what?… how do you set yourself on to a righteous path?… are there any specific things you should do… like keep the Sabbath, and where can I get help with this?

  6. Jerrel

    What’s the best source for me to get my DNA tested?

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