The African People of Love / RBG Movement​

The African People of Love / RBG Movement​ has forgotten about this, where are the meetings, speaking to all of the President’s I will not thrown names because it is many of you all what is really going on? Has the world got you so caught up in life that you have forgotten you are at war? Are you too busy chasing after the world or the things of this world that you have forgotten you are in bondage? I love you guys, but ask yourselves, have you forgotten that we are to be uniting our people for the Building of our Nation, for Black Empowerment, For getting back to our Culture and not another mans… Let us stop fighting over their ways, we are fighting because we are thinking like them the way they have program us to think, in ways of division…. Wake up Black Man and Black Womb-man Rise to your calling become a leader, a king, a god. Remember, you are the “I AM” in your World, You are god, but together we are ONE MIGHTY GOD ABLE TO DO ALL THINGS, BUT WITHOUT EACH OTHER WE CAN DO NOTHING…… HOLLA IF YOU FEEL ME? REMEMBER, IT’S NOT ABOUT US, IT’S ABOUT LETTING OUR CHILDREN SEE A BETTER WAY FOR US, A WAY OF UNITY AND LOVE!…..

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