My name is Eliyah I am CEO of the African People of Love.


I’ve had this website for a little while now, but haven’t written a whole lot, and much of what I wrote in the past I wound up taking down. My life isn’t perfect and isn’t supposed to be yet. I’ve been put through the ringer and the winds and rains have certainly tried to sink my ship, and others with me.

I don’t like putting my name or face on the site, because the brain then “classifies” me in its memory, and I’m made into an object associated with that name and face, and then the words written here are associated with that object created, whether positively or negatively. This site isn’t written for profit or money, and there is No ad on here that is ever clicked on, but doesn’t it look good? As for now, you can know that “I Am” just like you…a soul always under construction.

Please feel free to comment or send an e-mail. I have new articles on the way, but I’m recovering from my own personal and health problems. No blog writer or TV preacher is exempt from the discipline of God (and God being the Black Womb-man for me), and we….as God’s children, are supposed to be given lessons to force us to climb up another step; a step that will allow us to see more and more as we go.

So I hope you enjoy what little is here, and more is on the way, so sign up if you’d like for one e-mail alert when something new is posted. I’m extremely grateful that you stopped by.

Freedom Belongs to the One who Searches without Fear

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