Unwanted Marriage Tribal Wives Himba tribe – İnteresting Documentary

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Published on Jul 1, 2015

The Himba is the famous tribe of ’red people’ in northern Namibia. Women paint themselves twice a day with red clay mixed with butter. They wear short skirts made of goat skins and long red clay covered plaits of hair ending with tassells.

At first it can seem that there are only women in the Himba tribe. Almost all of them are traditionally dressed, proud and beautiful. In contrast, the men usually have adopted western clothes and you dont get to see them much in the villages anyway, because they are often far away with their herds, or (unfortunately) in the pub. They are getting fond of alcohol (just as, for example, the Surma in the Omo Valley) which is now getting in by the newly repaired road. The Himba women are not very happy about such a ’progress’

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