Black Women The First Gods On The Planet

WOW! This video opened my eyes to the “TRUTH”!  Now I understand why there are so many pregnant or single “black” mothers. Black woman are prone to the Immaculate Reception!!! Black men are truly a trip on how they can twist out a BS story to obtain their means. You follow what I am saying? Black woman just came from the sky! You know what I am saying? Yes the New Testament twisted the stories and not the Old Testament. Black woman came from the moon. Note he says it is going to take God (image of man) to lift the Black woman (not the white) back into the skies; you follow what I am saying? Black woman were gods before Jesus, you follow what I am saying? Yes I see now!! WOW!! So he is saying the pagan rituals of Egypt are the true Gods!! Damn!! Thank you for this enlightenment. Now again Egypt was black and they were Nubians but did not call themselves black! WOW!! I follow what you are saying! I understand as it has proven ancient Egyptians were 9% blacks but they were blacks! Yes the follow what you are saying.


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